Hero or flaw?

Part I: Macbeth.

I believe Macbeth was a flawed hero, because he wasn't trying to be a hero nor a good guy. He saw that there was something wrong with Duncan's monarchy, so he decided to kill him to put an end to his dystopia ruling. Macbeth had too much confidence on the witches prophecies and he truly believed he was almost immortal. His flaw was his ambition to be in power, Macbeth would do whatever it took him to be in power. He died in battle when Malcolm and his army raided the palace Malcolm decapitated Macbeth. Macbeth's death symbolized how he went mad do to his anxiety.

Part II: Divergent (Triss).

In the movie Divergent our main character Triss was our "flaw hero". She didn't question her society, until her childhood colony Amnigation was massacred by her new Dauntless colony. The "monsters" were the government who sent to kill all divergent people like Triss. Triss did not go down without a fight she built a civil army and won the war sadly this cost her, her life.