November 1st, 2018 NEWSLETTER

Valley Oaks School

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Other Student Highlights

Kristin Ward, Jacqueline Jones, & Jessica Rue-Coulman - These 3 students were the first to complete their 5 hours of mandatory community service for the semester - CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so proud of you!!!

Michael Kofoid and Preston Ashton - VOS now, as of last month, also has a YouTube channel, thanks to Ashley Collingwood from the district office - you can find our latest school video there made by Michael and Preston. Thanks, guys, for this lasting gift to VOS!!

April Adelman and his brother, Lucas Adelman - They have agreed to make the next school video which will be posted on our YouTube channel in the spring - thanks Adelmans!

Jessica Rue-Coulman - Jessica approached Mrs. Parker saying she would like a size small, silver zip-up VOS sweatshirt. Mrs. Parker placed the order and it will be delivered on November 12th! Thanks Jessica for your school pride!!! We can't wait to see you wearing it!

Sweatshirts - In her spare seconds here and there, Trisha, our school secretary, additionally has created a form that anyone can use to buy a VOS maroon pull-over hoodie or a VOS long-sleeve maroon t-shirt. These forms are in building #1 on the first student table. Feel free to take one and fill it out ~ we'd love to see you in our logo!

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11/10/18, Saturday: The Tech Museum in San Jose is hosting its inaugural, huge teenager-focused Climate Action Summit; only $10, lots of free food, t-shirt... click HERE


11/2/18, Friday: Group Work Out for Group #1 PE students

11/12/18, Monday: VETERANS DAY HOLIDAY - Valley Oaks will be closed. When Monday students meet with their teachers on 11/5/18, teachers will either reschedule their appointments with students or give students 2 weeks of work.

11/16/18, Friday: Group Work Out for Group #2 PE students

11/19/18 to 11/23/18: FALL BREAK - Valley Oaks will be closed. Students are welcome to but not expected to do school work during these non-school days. When students meet with teachers the week before Fall Break, students will be given one week's worth of work as usual.

11/28/18, Wednesday: COLLEGE NIGHT/FINANCIAL AID NIGHT, hosted by our counselor, Mr. Jamerson. 6pm to 6:45pm: overview of the JC, CSU, and UC application process. 6:45pm to 8pm: information on financial aid for college and time to work on computers to complete the financial aid online application with assistance from Mr. Jamerson.

11/30/18, Friday: Group Work Out for Group #1 PE students


1/31/19, Friday: This is the last day for seniors who want to participate in the Alt. Ed.

Graduation Ceremony at Lucchesi Community Center on May 29, 2019, to order their cap & gown.

Important dates for the entire school year can be found on our school website calendar HERE.

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