Youth Homelessness in Toronto

Youth Homelessness rises

Youth Homelessness

Statistics show that Youth homelessness has risen 1.4 million within 2004 and 2014. There is more youth in homeless shelter than there is adults. From 2006 to 2011 the number of youths under 15 has increased by 315, leading up to 2,145 kids under 15 being homelessness. Currently there is 5,235 homeless in Toronto but 477 are living rough on the streets.

End Prostitution

In Canada there is a 93% of trafficking and 63% is only in Ontario.

"We had met up with Jenna, 15 from Mississauga she had been on the streets for about a year before we reached her, she had rejected our offer for help and support." says Kira.

"We had also visited with a girl named Amber who was pregnant at the time and realized she needed help and a proper home to bring up her child". These girls had gone through a lot on the streets and with sex trafficking and also girls who we have tried to get off the streets and are also a good example for our offer to not always be taken for their own reasons.

Most women and young teenage girls are often scared to get of the streets and to get help while some are eager and desperately wanting to get off the streets but don't know how to or even who to ask or look for. The Canadian women foundation has over 1,300 community organizations. We try to move women and girls out of poverty, out of violence and encourage them to have confidence and we are taking a lead on ending trafficking of the girls and women for sexual favours.

Homelessness Stories

Supporters and Communications

Michael Kimmel

I am one of the supporters from the Canadian Women's Foundation and I am proud to say I am apart of their foundation. I help young girls and boys to men and women to get out of sex exploitation, drugs, equilism in genders and support the LBGT community and rights. I travel around to cities and different countries for meetings with these victims to try and help them get on a better path, I do group viewings where I speak about my experiences and how I help support these foundations. I also take part in recruitments to help and support victims to get them off the streets and end their bad habits. Majority of the ages for recruitment's are ages 13-15.