The Worlds Most

On this flyer you will see some of the worlds most craziest, and dangerous things it has to see. Have a look!

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The worlds scariest roller coaster!!

This death defying roller coaster is definitely a worlds most! The Nitro at Six Flags Adventure Park is an amazingly terrifying experiencing. This is for certain one scary roller coaster.
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The worlds most dangerous crocodile!

This gigantic reptile has been caught and killed in Uganda. It is believed that it was the cause of four fatal attacks on villagers. It weighs a tonne and was a relief that it was finally caught.
The Cutest Cat In The Entire World

This is the cutest kitten in the entire world!!!

This adorable kitten is the cutest kitten in the world. This fuzzy fluff ball is the size of your palm and is a normal house cat. It is one of the worlds most list for sure as it is ticks all the boxes as the worlds cutest fluffy kitten.
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The worlds most dangerous river!

This is the Amazon river known world wide for it's terrifying wild life and extreme waterways. It has caused many deaths and is the worlds most ferrying river.