Animals Up Close

By Igor Siwanowicz

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How does animals looks like when they are up close?

First of all, this event took place in West Papua where are the rare animals can be seen. With the help from the citizen in West Papua, reporter took camera and went to the forest near it. In the forest, there is a lot of the animals and insects. And they use camera and go as close as possible and take picture of the organisms with the information from the research. For example, there is a spider called tarantulas, which is the biggest spider in the world.
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Location of West Papua

The ability of Camouflage

In the book, Animal Up Close, chameleon is a animal that is expert of camouflage. The way chameleon prey it's food is very unique. First, when chameleon see the prey, it adapt their color and synchronize with background. Then, it wait until the prey pass by and get ready to hunt. Finally, when the prey pass by, it stick it's tongue out and hunt it. Camouflage is not ability only for hunting, but it also can be use as hiding or escaping from predators.
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Chameleon adapt their skin