Battle of The Atlantic

"the only thing that ever frightened me" -Winston Churchill


The Battle of The Atlantic includes nations such as: Germany, Great Britain, The United States of America, and Japan. The battle started off with Great Britain declaring war on Germany. The U.S. entered the battle after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese on America.

Battle of The Atlantic

Sunday, Sep. 3rd 1939 at 12am

Atlantic Ocean

This is a battle taken place in the Atlantic Ocean in September of 1939

Naval Strategies

The Germans began a program of unrestricted submarine warfare against the British. Unrestricted submarine warfare is sinking vessels without warning. Germany used the strategy because they had less than 50 u-boats in 1939.

Long Lasting Impact

The Battle of The Atlantic had a huge impact on WW2, because it was the longest battle of the war. It also introduced new naval strategies to the war. It was also a point were people began to have an idea of who wold win the war.