Classroom Update- Week of Nov. 30

Ms. Craig and Mrs. King's Classroom News

What's Going on this week?

In math, we will be finishing up Topic 6, dividing decimals. Since students have had a week off, we will practice for a couple of days, review on Wednesday, and take a Topic 6 test on Thursday. On Friday, we will start my FAVORITE topic of all time! Fractions! We will start by learning prime and composite numbers and talking about equivalent fractions. Next week, we will move into fractions in simplest form and finding common denominators. We will take the MAP Math test on Wednesday this week. This is a great mid-year check in.

In science, we will be learning a little bit about optical engineering and testing out the principles of reflection and refraction tomorrow. We will be discussing forces and doing a spring scale investigation on Thursday. We will review Force, Energy, and Motion vocabulary throughout the week, review next Monday, and then take a Force, Motion and Energy test next Tuesday, December 8th.

In reading, we are inferring themes of folktales. Tomorrow students will read a play where they will learn a lesson from a trickster. They will continue to work on their camp books throughout the week. Next week, we will introduce the project that is to go along with the novel we have been reading, "Sky Jumpers." We will have another reading test on December 11th and another grammar test on December 14th.

In social studies, we are now discussing the American Revolution in full; events leading up to, during, and after the war. Students will participate in a mind mission tomorrow where they must create a signal to show "the British are coming." We will have a social studies test over the the American Revolution on December 10th.

We had an AMAZING TIME at camp!

Be in the KNOW!

MAP testing will occur over the next three weeks!

12/1 History Fair Projects Due

12/2 Math MAP Test

12/3 Topic 6 Math Test/ Choir Concert at 6:00PM

12/8 Reading MAP Test/ Force, Motion and Energy science test

12/10 Language Arts MAP Test/ Social Studies Test

12/11 Spelling Bee at 1pm/ Reading Test

12/14 Science MAP Test/ Grammar Test

12/18 Winter Party/ Assembly

12/19- 1/4 Winter Break

1/4 Teacher Workday and Student Holiday

1/5 Students Return from Winter Break