Andrew Jackson

The Anti-hero

By: Lucas Barney

Andrew Jackson was a controversial president who fought to make America a better place. Despite his morally ambiguous actions at times he put the improvement of the lives of American citizens above all else.

  • Andrew Jackson was the creator of what is known as "Jacksonian Democracy" which expanded the right to vote to all white men, whether or not they were well off.

  • Andrew Jackson also destroyed the national bank of America and spread the money across the states to remove of the unfair practices of the bank against the poor.

  • Andrew Jackson also saved american before his presidency. During the war of 1812 Andrew Jackson led 4,732 american troops as they defended Louisiana from invasion from a British naval force of 11,000. Under Andrews leadership, the British suffered 2,459 casualties while he only suffered 333.

History vs. Andrew Jackson - James Fester
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Jackson Slaying the Many Headed Monster

This political cartoon depicts Andrew Jackson slaying the monster which represented the corrupt national bank which he was fighting. The monster itself represents the national bank and its heads represent each branch of the bank in each state. Andrew Jackson is "slaying" it because it was a danger to the common man.