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Weekly communication from Sunset Ranch - Sept 3rd-7th

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"Leaders of the Pack" - Student Council at SR expands to include 4th grade representatives!

Mrs. Camillucci and Ms. Hopton rolled out information this week about Leaders of the Pack to 4th-6th grade students. Here are three ways students can get involved:

1. Apply for and run for office! (5th grade is eligible to apply and run for Treasurer and Secretary/Communications Officer; 6th grade is eligible to apply and run for President and Vice President).

2. Apply for and run for office! Don't get elected? No problem, because you can be appointed to one of 4 Board Members at Large positions (2 positions for 5th and 2 positions for 6th)

3. Selected by your classroom to be a classroom rep (4th grade is eligible for this! A total of 11 spots in 4th-6th are available).

Check out the application for more information!

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September's Attendance Awareness Month Challenge!

From September 4th through September 28th, each class at SR will have an opportunity to win something amazing! The teacher and class can choose from a number of fun things if they win: story time with the principal, lunch picnic (instead of in the MPR), extra recess, structured games at recess, or teacher's choice.

How does a class win? Easy. When the WHOLE class is on time and stays all day (no tardies, no early outs, no absences), they get to color in a letter on the ATTENDANCE sign and put the date at the bottom. When ALL 10 letters are filled in during the month of September, the teacher can redeem the sign for one of the fun things!

School Spotlight - Kindergarten Kindness and Bucket-Filling

Kindergarten has been filling buckets - literally and metaphorically! At the beginning of the year, all three Kindergarten classes read a book called, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids". In their classrooms, the teachers reward good choices and kind behavior by filling an actual bucket with marbles. When a classroom bucket is completely filled, the class has a celebration. Often, the students choose their reward the day they fill their buckets, and the class has the celebration the following day. This week, Mrs. Stowers and her class chose "Kid's Choice", which included the art cart to make creations with play dough, pipe cleaners, water color, etc OR floor toys like Legos and blocks OR kitchen/make believe OR iPads. Mrs. Bauer, Mrs. Kirk, and their classes also earned celebrations this week and both their classes chose to do Pajama Day on Friday.

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We are all trying to get to school on time, safe and ready to learn.

Children and staff members aren't set up for a successful day after a crosswalk scare! Please help us keep everyone safe by respecting the stop signs, crossing guards, crosswalks, and rules of the road - like NO U-TURNS in a crosswalk.
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The Virtual Backpack

Each week, flyers that would have taken money and supplies to print and time to count out and distribute are placed on the Virtual Backpack on the school website. This is where many of our community partners advertise after school clubs, sports, child care and more. Make sure to check it out each week.

SR Bell Schedule

Click HERE to view the 2018-19 Bell Schedule.

Pupil Attendance Calendar

Click HERE to see the year-long pupil attendance calendar. This should help you plan vacations and holidays on non-school days.

SR School Handbook

Click HERE to view the School Handbook. This is your one-stop shop for policies, procedures, etc.