Transition Plus December 03

Start where you are...Use what you have... Do what you can

A friendly reminder: If you have information that needs to go out to the whole staff, and it can wait until Monday, submit it to be included in the MMM. We are trying to cut down on all staff emails.

Navigating in our New Space

We have gotten through week 1 of co-existing with adult education next door to us. For the most part the week seemed to go well. There still are a few things we need to work out and Daphne and I will be meeting with the administration team from AE regularly.

If there are any concerns with AE staff or students please direct them to me or Daphne.

February is African American Heritage Month which is a great time to reflect on the community we build with our friends, family and neighbors.

We can make this year's celebration meaningful with some preparation. As a building, we can do anything from inviting families for coffee to preparing students to reflect on and share their thoughts and journeys to inviting people from the community to help celebrate.

Tell Colleen your ideas for how to make it meaningful for our students and our community and how you are willing to participate in making that happen.

International Potluck

December 20 is our International Potluck and the first time families get to tour our building.

If it makes sense for your class, please have student work displayed where families will be able to see it during the tours.

Let's showcase some of the awesome things we are doing in our classes!

Tuesday Dec. 4, 2018, Mike Leiter, Union business agent, will be making a site visit at Transition Plus to meet with staff.

He will be here from 12pm-1:30pm in the staff lounge.

He is here to hear about how things are going, what are concerns, etc.

Please stop in and visit Mike during your lunch hour.

Any questions talk with Liz, Tia, or Linda

Rising Star

Takia Pearson

is Rising Star of the month for December at Cookie Cart.


CBI Round 3

Teachers, with only one week of CBI Round 2 left, please confirm your Round 3 plans with Colleen. Some Modules are already listed in the "3 December 7" sign-up spreadsheet in the CBI Friday Resources Folder.

Please include the following in your communication:

  • Teacher Partnerships
  • 1-2 sentence description of Module and intended audience
  • Dec 7: Activity
  • Dec 14: Activity
  • Dec 21: Activity
  • Jan 11: Activity
  • Jan 18: Activity

Teachers who are not facilitating modules, please check in with Tom, Greg and Patricia this week for tips on how to make the afternoon activities run smoothly (you may even want to do an "internship" on Nov 30th).

Just a reminder--

  • The sensory room and quiet room are not for staff breaks

  • Payroll should be entered by Friday payday. Traci starts approving on Monday morning and continues through Tuesday. If you enter or change anything on ESS after Tuesday at 4:00, you will need to let Traci know.

Please refer to the payroll schedule here

RAK Funds

Our Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) funds are available. RAK funds have been given to MPS schools by the Kopp Foundation to support students in emergency and high need situations to allow students to attend school with less stress.

We have a limited amount of funds for the entire year. These funds can be used for such items as clothing, supplies and other necessary items.

Case managers may request funds using the RAK request form (attached and in the office), and submit to their social worker for approval. Directions are on the request form.

See a social worker with any additional questions.

Please place your trash cans outside your doors at the

end of the day.

This makes the engineers job easier!

Picture Retake Day

Picture Retake Day is Wednesday December 5th

Pictures will be taken in the model apartment

Classes scheduled in there on Wednesday will be relocated for the day

Dec 3-9 is Computer Science Education week.

Mary would be happy for teachers to send students to tech class 1st – 2nd hour – (Tues. or Thurs. this week). Tech students could help visitors. Let Mary know if you want to sign up students – and especially encourage girls. Our Comp Sci class has historically been 90%+ male!

Many don’t realize:

  • #1 computer science is a helping profession, dedicated to making people’s lives better.
  • #2 It is a creative language study and has lots in common with hobbies where you need an eye for detail and patterns.
  • You enjoy making something that works, and can be improved.
  • No experience necessary!

?s just contact Mary Bock

Work Based Learning Update

Do you have a student who is working in a paid, competitive position and who could benefit from some additional support? Please send the student to T227 to speak to a work coordinator and pick up an OJT agreement. If the employer agrees, the work coordinator will visit the place of employment and help support the student's success on the job.

Please continue to encourage your students to get connected with VRS. Contact Cheryl Delery for north side students, Amber Gunderson for south side students, and Alamin Wahila for students who have recently arrived in the US or are experiencing a cultural barrier. No need to wait for an IEP meeting, or for the student's last year. Sooner is better!

Please be aware that over the next couple of weeks the work coordinators will be working to assess the career interests of each first year student. Our goal is to better tailor our work sites to students interests.

Longfellow's 100th Building Celebration

Longfellow High School will be celebrating the building’s 100th year in the community. We want YOU to help us celebrate this enduring Longfellow landmark. This event is free and open to the public.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and Minneapolis Public Schools Superintendent Ed Graff will be in attendance.

Thursday, December 6, 2018 4:00-7:00pm

3017 E 31st Street Minneapolis, MN 55406

Nutrition Service Updates

At this point we are still in the process of hiring a Coordinator and an FSA in the kitchen to assist Aaron. We will be starting two deliveries in the near future. Schroeder milk will have a regular delivery once per week beginning this Wednesday, December 5. Russ Davis will begin delivering fresh produce the following Tuesday, December 11th, which will allow for the addition of the salad bar to the lunch service.

The hot wells when turned on trips a breaker and is being looked at to prevent this from happening. This is being looked at.

We will be serving a hot pre pack menu item in addition to a cold option for lunch each day until the breaker situation is fixed and staffing is filled. The special diet meals were served appropriately and will continue to be from now on.

Upcoming at TPlus

Computer Science Education Week Dec. 3-9

Monday --------

Tuesday -------- Data Mtg Team 2

----------------------- MFT visit 12:30-1:30 pm---- -Staff lounge

Wednesday---- Data Mtg Team 3

Thursday-------- Data Mtg Team 1

----------------------- Lonfellow 100th Bday Party- 4p- 7p

Friday ------------ ILT Mtg- Bike Room

Save the Date--

The next Family Resource Event will occur on December 20, 2018.

This will be an opportunity for families to tour the new building.