Senior Bulletin

Virtual Counseling Resources for OUSD High School Seniors

Our message to our seniors and families

Hello Seniors,

We are here for you! As we continue to face many uncertainties during this unprecedented time, we are working on a plan to celebrate your accomplishments. As we navigate and address these challenges, we are here to support you and would like to remind you of the wide range of services that are available through our High School Counseling Centers. We are all in this together!

Supporting you from a distance,

OUSD Office of Educational Services and your High School Counseling Teams

Our OUSD High School Counseling Teams

Our high school counseling teams are divided by students' last names. Each school counselor is here to assist you with your college, career, academic, personal and social needs.

Contact us!

Canyon High School Counseling Team:

A-C Vidhi Kantawala

D-HUF Paula Sidler

HUG-MH Angie Badillo

MI-SAM Julie Lee

SAN-Z Cameron Lamb

El Modena High School Counseling Team:

A-DO Shelly Parizeau

DU-LI Afrodita Calvillo

LL-RE Amanda Echavarria

RH-Z Dena Davis

AVID &CTP Hanna Singleton

Orange High School Counseling Team:

A-ECH Oscar Ruiz

EL-MAN Elizabeth Rodenbucher

MAR-RA Nancy Bloom

RE-Z Diana Kamela

Interventions Gianna Lombardi

Villa Park High School Counseling Team:

A-DE Mark Kammerlohr

DF-JA Jeremy Bulrice

JE-NE Jason Pham

NG-SAM Shasta Campbell

SAN-Z Doreen Valentin

Richland High School Counselor:

Lindsey Church

Announcements from California State Universities (CSUs)

Fall 2020 First-Time First-Year Students:

1. The CSU will accept grades of "Credit" or "Pass" to satisfy "a-g" requirements completed during winter, spring or summer 2020 terms. All prior coursework must be graded and a grade of C- or better must be earned for the course to satisfy “a-g” requirements. Grades of credit/pass or no credit/non-passing will not be included in the calculation of high school GPA.

2. CSU campuses will assess and initially place students in first-year English/Math based on multiple measures: high school and college courses completed, GPAs and test scores (SBAC, ACT, SAT) that students have submitted thus far.

3. The CSU will not facilitate a systemwide Early Start Program in summer 2020; individual CSU campuses may offer summer transitional programs (e.g. Summer Bridge) in virtual formats.

4. The CSU requests that high schools that can provide transcripts by July 15, 2020, do so; however, campuses will continue to accept transcripts through the fall 2020 term. CSU campuses will not rescind conditional offers of admission based on the non-receipt of transcripts. If a student is not able to provide an official transcript, due to extended school closure, CSU campuses may use unofficial or self-reported data for senior year grades and graduation status.

5. New first-year students will remain in a conditionally admitted status until the CSU campus receives a final transcript document and review of the transcript for a-g requirements is completed.

6. If a student has not met all a-g requirements after review of their final transcript document, at that time, CSU campuses may use admission exceptions on a case-by-case basis if students are no longer CSU-eligible, based on the inability to complete all “a-g” courses in which they were enrolled in spring 2020. Consideration can include how well the student is doing academically in fall 2020. Students should in no way assume that enrollment in Fall 2020 CSU courses means that an exception will be automatically granted.

7. The College Board has announced changes to the AP exam content and format for spring 2020. The CSU will honor all existing transferable credit articulation for spring 2020 AP exams on which scores of 3, 4, or 5 are earned.

8. CSU campuses are individually considering their extension of intent to enroll and/or housing deposit deadlines. Intent to enroll deadlines will consider the campus’ capacity to provide timely information regarding financial aid awards to students and families. More information will be forthcoming.

For more information, please visit:

Announcements from University of California (UCs)

  • UC has temporarily suspended the letter grade requirement for A-G courses completed in spring 2020 for both prospective and admitted students.
  • UC will suspend the standardized test requirement (SAT and ACT) for students applying for fall 2021 freshman admission. This modification is not intended as an admissions policy shift but is rather a temporary accommodation driven by the current extraordinary circumstances

For more information, please visit:

Intent to Enroll

If you were admitted to a four-year university and need assistance in completing the Intent to Enroll, please contact your school counselor. You can make an appointment with them for a virtual meeting that will occur during their office hours.

The Intent to Enroll is normally due May 1st for most universities. This is subject to change, pending the updates that are announced by each university.

University Virtual Tours

If you are still undecided regarding where you plan to attend in the Fall, please consider exploring the virtual tours that many universities have available. Please see each university's individual website for more information.

Community College Applications

If you need assistance completing your community college applications, please see the following information from Santiago Canyon College:

”How to Apply to Santiago Canyon College” Step-by-step video

@OutreachForSCC- Instagram

Requesting Transcripts

If you are planning to attend a four-year university, you will need to submit a final transcript to the university AFTER your June grades have posted. Please make sure you submit your request through your High School's registrar's office through Parchment.

Athletes with university scholarships

Please contact the university admissions office regarding the final enrollment steps you need to complete.

For information on NCAA requirements, please visit:

For information on NAIA requirements, please visit:

Making a commitment to the military after you graduate

Please contact your recruitment officers for the branch of the military that you plan to commit to. Thank you for your service!

Assistance for filling out the FAFSA and understanding Financial Aid

Our partners at Santiago Canyon College (SCC) are here to help!

If you plan to attend SCC and would like assistance with the Financial Aid Process, please call the following Google voice number at: 714.798.3226 or email:

If you are not planning to attend SCC and need help with your FAFSA or deciphering your Financial Aid package, please contact the Financial Aid Office at the university, vocational school or community college you plan to attend.

Social Emotional Support

For immediate psychiatric support call 911

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255)

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Hotline 800-662-HELP (4357)

Dating Violence Hotline 866-331-9474

The Trevor Project 866-488-7386

OUSD School Closure Resources

Updates from the Collegeboard

Are you needing extra help with your classes?

In addition to communicating with your teachers, counselors and administrators, there are a wide range of academic supports that you can find online.

Remote student learning resources:

Calm App

All of us are experiencing new levels of stress and anxiety. The Calm App offers helpful tips in reducing anxiety, increasing sleep, developing gratitude, and improving our overall mental health.


211 OC has a wide range of resources to support you and your loved ones during this challenging time.

Disaster Distress Helpline

Provides over the phone crisis counseling for people who are experiencing emotional distress related to any natural or human-caused disaster.

SCC Early Welcome Program

Provides detailed information from the Santiago Canyon College High School Outreach Program including registration for their Early Welcome Program.

Updates from the California Department of Education

Click to view the joint statement from higher education and ongoing updates from the California Department of Education.

SCC CTE Transitions Program

Please click here if you are interested in pursuing a CTE pathway after high school.

Are you planning to become a fire fighter?

Click here for updates on the Orange County Fire Explorer program.

Are you planning to pursue a career in law enforcement?

Click here for updates on the Law Enforcement Explorer's Program for the City of Orange.

Again, we are here for you! Please contact your counselor, teacher, or administrator for support!