X - Rays

By Andrew Carlson, Period 8


Wavelength: .01 - 10 nanometers

Frequency: 3 x 10^16 - 3 x 10^19

Velocity in a Vacuum: 3 x 10^8

Everyday Applications

X-ray machines:

Used by Doctors to see bones inside your body

Baggage checks at Airports

Health Impacts

Positives: Helps doctors see bones of their patients to determine the problem

Negatives: Increase the risk of cancer for a baby in the womb

Portable X-ray


This article is about a portable X-ray. This article also talks about the importance of this machine and the market value. This article also includes the device's industry including definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure


This video talks about how X-rays work. It also explains how some tissues in your body will cast a shadow when the picture is taken. Finally at the end of the video it states why your bones show up so easily on the picture and that it helps doctors distinguish fractures a bone

How Do X-rays Work?