The Rhythm Speaks

Nettiquete Rules for an eTwinning Project

The Rhythm Speaks

The Rhythm Speaks is the title of an eTwinning Project in which 5 European Schools are involved:

  • Escola La Portalada, Altafulla (Spain)
  • IES Emilio Alarcos, Gijón (Spain)
  • Kärpäsen perusloulu, Laht (Finland)
  • OSG DE Ring van Putten, Spijkenisse (The Netherlands)
  • Zespól Szkól nr 13, Jastrzebie-Zdrój (Poland)

If you are reading this...

You are, probably, a student involved in this Project and you have access to the TwinSpace through your name and your password.

We have decided to share some rules (Netiquette rules), that you should take into account once you are in the Twinspace.

Netiquette rules for The Rhythm Speaks (an eTwinning Project)

- Use English (even if you are writing to a class mate)

- Do not share your name and password with anyone

- Be polite and constructive. Do not post anything offensive or rude (follow the same rules of behavior that you would follow in the school)

- Recognize others' work and ideas

- All post and information will be visible to all the TwinSpace members (don't post anything that you don't want to share)

- Do not post personal data, other than it's necessary for the different tasks

- Do not post photos, audios or videos that were not made by you (ask your teacher, first)

- Do not use capital letters

- Be forgiven of other's mistakes (we are all here to learn)

- If you find inappropriate messages or information tell your teacher as soon as possible

These are your teachers

The Rhythm Speaks, an eTwinning Project