:)Georgia Travel Guide(:

:)By Davanna Cole and Alexa Romera(:

Classic South

The Classic South is a relaxing, sporty, and family friendly environment. You can golf, enjoy luxury clubs, and even have some famous treats that have great reviews. Many famous golfers and beautiful canals were/are founded in The Classic South. You can even stay in beautiful lodges that are so unique and beautiful.

For Days c:

The five days you'll be here with your wife, you should visit at least 2-4 cities each day. Don't worry, I organized the cities close together so trnasportation, gas, directions; etc. won't be a problem :)

Evans, Georgia

Evans, Georgia is a family friendly, relaxing town. There a breath taking landscapes, restaurants, gift shops, and many outdoor activities.

Day 1

Your first day should be full of fun activities in Evans, Georgia. After all, it is outdoorsy, you should enjoy it!

Martial Arts Classes

This activity is like perfect for you Mr. Roberts(: These classes are only $169 and are professional. Even if you aren't experienced nor very into self-defense, it's actually a fun activity to do with family &/or alone!

Ziplining for Two or Four at Graystone Ranch

I mean, who doesn't love zip lining! It's the most perfect tourist event in Classic South, in my opinion. You can see all of the beauty's of Classic South, and even see the perfection of nature.

Rhinehart's Oyster Bar

This place is the best place where you can find seafood in Evans, Georgia. The reviews are great and its low priced but worth the visit. Most of the food on they're menu costs maybe up to 10 dollars. They have a shrimp cup that comes with feta cheese and crunchy flat bread.

Martinez, Georgia

After a nice meal and some sporty activities, you should enjoy some relaxing historic time(: Martinez, Georgia is home of many historic canals, rivers, dining sheds, and pubic programs/parties.

Augusta Canal

The Augusta Canal is the perfect place for historic activities. It shows how people created the canal in 1845, like the progress and some disturbances. You can take tours, go on a cargo boat, watch wildlife, fish, canoe, bicycle; etc.!

Laurence Fishburne

A famous actor, who was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1961. He only lived in Georgia for a short period of time before he moved to Brooklyn, after his parents divorced. He stars in many movies and shows. Such as "Man of Steel" and "Hannibal." He is now 54.

Day 2

On day 2 you will visit Sparta, Georgia. It has an estimate of over 600 historic sites, so i think any Social Studies teacher would like that!

Confederate Square

The confederate Square is where you can go to visit a monument honoring Confederate Soldiers.

Shoulderbone Plantation

Here you can see where original plantations were.

Courson's Winery

Courson's Winery is a romantic, yet enjoyable winery, that's opened every day, that you and your wife would just LOVE!

The Ritz Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation

An extraordinary hotel that is along the banks of Lake Oconee. You can go for a spa, to just relax, or chill by the golf course.