Chapter 16: Section 2



Transcaucasia is also called "The Gateway to Migration". It got this name because people have used Transcaucasia as a migration route for a long time. For a long time Transcaucasia has been a place where the borders of rival empires have come together.


The Transcaucasian government is called the "Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic".On May 28, 1918, Georgia signed the Treaty of Poti with Germany and welcomed the German Caucasian Expedition as protection against post-Revolution.
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Economic activity in the Transcaucasia republics ranges from the tourism and wine industries of subtropical Georgia to large-scale oil production in Azerbaijan.


Migrants brought a great variety of languages to this region. Arab geographers called this region Jabal Al-Alsun, or the "Mountain of Language". The Indo-European, Caucasian, and Atlaic language families.
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The people of Transcaucasia follow a number of different religions. However, most of the region's people belong to either the Christian or the Islamic faith. These faiths arrived in the region at an early date, because Transcaucasia is close to the areas in the Southwest Asia where the two religions began.
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