Little Venice

República Bolivariana de Venezuela

Ever wanted to go to the place with the largest oil reserves in the world? Because you're in for a treat. Venezuela, with its wide range of biodiversity, unique food, and captivating culture, is the place to go for a fantastic experience of South American life.
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President Maduro

Above is a picture of the current president of Venezeula. His name is Nicolás Maduro. He's been in office since April 19, 2013, living in the Palacio de Miraflores, or the Miraflores Palace.

Veggie Venezeula

Now onto the tasty part; food! Venezuela has so many different delicious flavors, their food staples being corn, plantains, yams, beans, rice, and many meats. Potatoes, tomatoes, onion, squash, zucchini, and eggplant are often sides.

Wanna Go?

Venezuela has tons of fun places to go and things to do. Inlcuding sking in the Andes, seeing Angel waterfall, visiting the capital; Cacaras, and even watching the devil dancers of San Francisco de Yare, and more!