Alexis Navarro, World Geography, 11/05/14,

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Thinking of traveling to some place sunny and sandy? Venezuela is your destination! Venezuela is a beautiful country full of beauty and countless things to see. There is a wide range of breathtaking waterfalls and beaches. Not only does it have amazing landforms but a wide selection of entertainment too. Different festivals are held monthly that you just can't pass up to attend. It is an amazing travel destination and we hope you can come see it for yourself.


It is estimated that 92% of Venezuela's religion is Roman Catholic and the remaining 8% either from another religion or atheist. Religious tolerance in Venezuela is highly observed, although given the right of free religion. Most of the population in Venezuela believes in Catholicism.


The main language in Venezuela is Spanish with some English here and there. The Indian groups of Venezuela speak a variety if 25 different languages that pertain to the three families of Cariban, Arawak, and Chibcha. Phrases: "Hola", "Bienvenidos", "Vengan Conmigo!"


The ethnicity in Venezuela ranges on the different regions. The three top ethnic groups are mestizo, mulatto-mestizo, and African. Although it is estimated that there are over 38 different Indian groups in Venezuela that are located in the Amazonas or Zulia. Those of mestizo ancestry are usually located to the north of Venezuela. Those with mulatto-mestizo and African ancestry are located in the Caribbean part of the country.

Customs & Traditions

Just like any other country in the world, Venezuela celebrates their independence day to the biggest of biggest celebrations in their country, celebrated on July 5th. Carnival is one of the liveliest traditions in Venezuela. The Venezuelans traditional food includes three meals a day. A large breakfast in the morning, large dinner at noon, which we consider lunch, and a small supper in the evening. A distinct meal in Venezuela would be the Arapas, which are thick disks made of cornmeal. Venezuela is known for its salsa and merengue, but especially by its traditional Joropo dance. This type of dance is performed in the whole country, and has its own uniqueness according to the region of the country.


Venezuela's economy is primarily based on services. It is considered to be one of the biggest exporters on oil in the world. Agricultural wise their products include corn, fish, coffee, and many other products. To many it may seem sexist but in Venezuela the jobs are given according to gender, For example, the hard labor jobs are given to the males and the females are more part of the general workforce. In all honesty, Venezuela does not have the best economy but it makes do with what they do to maintain themselves.

Holidays & Festivals

Venezuela celebrates many of the holidays that we do. For example, Christmas eve, New years eve, and being from a strong background of Catholicism, Easter. Their own holidays including Batalla de Carrboro (Army's Day) and Natalicio del Libertdador (Navy's Day). Several up coming festivals include the Feria de la Chinita and Feria de Valencia. It is never a boring place in Venezuela with many festivals every month or so.


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