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Week Ending October 31, 2014

We Are Pleased To Announce...

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Take The OSE 10 Day Twitter Challenge - And Earn A Free Planning Period!

Hi. My name is Kelly and I am Twitter challenged....

This was me just a few short months ago. Sure, I had an account. And I even posted a few things every now and then – because I was told I had to do so. I didn’t really understand the purpose of Twitter. What I knew about it consisted of reading what my BFF was having for lunch, which celebrities were having plastic surgery this week, and who happened to be in a Twitter “war, “ exchanging less than positive tweets back and forth.

Now, I am no longer a “rookie” - I have participated in my first (and second) Twitter chat and have made connections to people, mostly educators, all over the world. I have gotten so much feedback and so many resources from the network that has evolved through this social/information network. There is not enough time in the day for me to spend going through my Twitter feed to see all the great things the people I am following are doing with kids.

The best part, in my opinion, is being able to get out there ALL the fabulous things YOU are doing each and everyday in your classrooms. Twitter is so far-reaching – it does not confine students sharing their work to just their own classmates. The possibilities are endless.

This 10 Day Twitter Challenge has been designed especially for you OSE Rockstars. Complete each challenge below, and then submit the Google Doc (link at the end) for a chance to earn an extra planning period on a day you choose! Kelly and Traci will cover your classes while you enjoy some free time!

Hi. My name is Kelly and I am Twitter Addicted and I CHALLENGE YOU to become addicted too!

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Monday, November 3rd

Sign up for a Twitter account. Make sure you change the egg to a picture, and update your profile so that others can see your role in education, passions, and interests. If you already have an account, help someone get set up! Then share your Twitter handle with us on the Twitter Challenge board in the lounge! Follow your colleagues!

Tuesday, November 4th

Take a selfie with a team member or colleague and use our school hashtag #osestars

Reminder: Check the "follow" lists of your colleagues and find some folks to follow. This is a great way to grown your PLN!

Wednesday, November 5th

Tweet a snapshot of quality work completed in your classroom today! Use the hashtag #osestars. Retweet other's pictures and spread the joy of learning beyond our school walls!

Thursday, November 6th

Find some of the quality work that your colleagues tweeted yesterday, and retweet a few of them. Reply to at least 2 tweets! Use the hashtag #osestars

Friday, November 7th

Take a look at the Weekly Twitter Chat Times document below. Find one (or more) that you think sound interesting and most importantly relevant for you. You will find chats for school counselors, librarians, sped teachers, fine arts teachers, regular ed teachers..the possibilities are endless! Now, share on the bulletin board in the lounge which chats sound interesting to YOU! Take a look at what some of your colleagues are recommending, and think about all the offerings that you might want to participate in. Mull it over this weekend. You could even observe a weekend chat that you see on the chat calendar Google doc.

Monday, November 10th

Commit to a chat this week! Remember, lurking is okay. Then tweet out which chat you will be going to! Include the chat hashtag, as well as our school hashtag, in your tweet. For example: "I'm going to be joining #COLchat tonight! #osestars" or "I am going to be joining #5thchat tomorrow! #osestars"

FYI: The LISD technology chat is tonight! You can find it at #1toXchat, I have been to this and it's really cool, you might want to try it!

Reminder: FOLLOW some folks in your chat tonight and grow your PLN!

Tuesday, November 11th

Share some thoughts or ideas from your chat last night! It could be something you learned, or a resource that was shared, or an idea someone gave you! Tag it with the chat's hashtag and also use the school hashtag #osestars . If you are giving credit to someone else, be sure to include their Twitter handle in the tweet as well!

Wednesday, November 12th

You have some rockstar colleagues! Tweet out something a colleague is doing in teaching that you want to know more about! Tag it with the person's Twitter handle and also use the school hashtag #osestars (See example below!)
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Thursday, November 13th

In 140 characters or less, share your favorite lesson to teach and tell us why! If you have a supporting picture (anchor chart, product, or doc), include that as well (just be advised the pic will use up some of the 140). Use the hashtag #osestars. Read the tweets of other teachers and find someone who you could go learn more from!

Friday, November 14th

Your PLN has surely grown due to the chat's you've done and the interaction you have had on Twitter the past two weeks! #FF means "Friday Follow" a chance for you to share a few who you think others shoudl follow! So today, #FF a few people and tell us who we should be following! Use the hashtag #osestars (See example below!)
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Worth Watching

The video below talks about the importance of being the first to try out a new idea. We hope it inspires you!
First Follower Leadership Lessons - Stabilized and Enlarged


Click here to see a list of recommended people to follow, sorted by role in education!

Click here for the "How To" S'More Traci sent a while back!

Click here for a helpful "How To" blog about chatting!

Click here for a list of classrooms around the world that tweet!

Congratulations! Complete the Google form below for your extra planning period! And Keep Tweeting!!

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