A Raisin In The Sun

By Jose loez, Jose patino, and Ulises Vazquez


In the play " A Raisin In The Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry, it is attainable to get the American dream by showing Man struggles with societal pressure when Walter has to face an offer of money so that they wont move into the house because they are colored people.

Theme Analysis

The overall theme of this passage is man struggles with societal pressure because Walter faced many problems with society. He wanted to move his family into a house his mom had bought but the people from the community didn't want them there. In the passage a member of the neighborhood that Walter's family is going to move into came and told them that they wanted to buy the house, "Our association is prepared, through the collective effort of our people, to buy the house from you at a financial gain to your family". Walter had also lost all the money his mother gave him to one of his friends, so now Walter and his family are broke. The money his mother had given him was $6,500, $3,000 for Beneatha's college funds and the rest for Walter. Walter was happy because his mother trusted him with that much money. When his mother left, he went and spend all of it which left his family poor. Walter calls the white man and is thinking about getting the money back from him but soon figures out that it's not always about the money. They tell the white man to leave because they were going to move into the house after all which leaves the white man angry.
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conflict: man vs self

Walter faces a conflict that is man vs self because he lets money make him crazy and almost let his family fall apart.

Man vs Self

When walters mom comes to him and gives him the rest of the money and tells him to keep three thousand and to put three thousand in a bank for benetha schooling, he gives all tne money to willy to make the buisness but willy runs off with it.


Benetha is a person that really wants to chase her dream to be a doctor. In the text she says " I want to be a doctor and actually make a diffrence" (hansberry 223) it tiesback to my thesis because benetha wants to acheive succes but society thinks other but she still pushes on.
Mrs.younger the mom wants to get her family a house with the money they gave her of her husband, she want a new life for her family and she does buy a house. In the text she says "I went out and bought us a house!"(Hansberry 126) this ties back to my thesis because mama did buy the house but the white people in the community did not want them but they will still move in.


The story raisin in the sun shows the attainablity of the american dream when man struggles with societal pressure to stop them but they set that aside and push through to acheive their goals.