Salves In American

By Ben Leibold


The slaves were African American and got to the U.S. by European consumers that took them to ships.To get slaves they traded like cotton and corn.Life wasn't fair, women were beat, there was fear that family members would be taken and sold.

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a tunnel route for slaves to escape the camps they were working at.Harriet Tubman lead over 300 slaves to freedom.


Leading the slaves using the stars up to the north or "the drinking gourd." This song talks a man preaching to let his people go! There are kept in slavery and this man is against it. They also both have something to do with The Lord, or God!

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was a model to other slaves by escaping Maryland slavery and freeing other remaining slaves.Harriet Tubman's worked for the union as a cook, a nurse and a spy during the Civil War.