Stratford Chefs School Accommodation Listing Information and Agreement

Accommodation listings are provided to this years 2014-15 Stratford Chefs School students solely. The next session runs from October, 2014 to the end of February 2015.

By replying to this agreement, you agree that:

Your accommodation listing will be made available only to our students and faculty

□ The Stratford Chefs School lists accommodations based on information provided by the accommodation provider.

□ The Stratford Chefs School is not responsible in any way for any situation that may arise between the accommodation provider and the student.

□ You are responsible for screening potential renters.

□ Any damages, non-payment of rent, or any other problem arising from the rental of your property is the sole responsibility of the student.

Stratford Chefs School

68 Nile Street

Stratford ON

N5A 4C5

or by fax: 519-271-5679

or email your written agreement to:

THANK YOU! Please call 271-1414 if you have any questions or concerns.