ELM Twitter Chat


Opportunity for PD Credit

Come join the fun with the opportunity to network with other ELM designers across the district! Share the relevant learning experiences you and your students are having through this dynamic learning environment.

ELM Twitter Chat

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 4-5pm


Questions for Discussion:

Q1: How have you seen your students grow in autonomy and collaboration in ELM? Where do they still need to improve?

Q2: How effective has it been when students use assessment feedback to track their progress toward mastery of standards?

Q3: What is the value of having students write research questions and plan for learning before being provided content resources?

Q4: What are some challenges in differentiating research/work for students based on readiness and learning styles?

Q5: How has crit enhanced the quality of research and product creation? What are some strategies to build a culture of critique?

Q6: Share some examples of how authentic audiences have impacted student engagement and learning?