Allyson Clendennen

Basic Information

equine: a horse

scientific name: equus ferus caballus

average lifespan: 25-30 years

average weight: 840-1210 lbs

average height: 56-64 inches


first evolved in North America

used to be used for their meat and hide

people domesticated them around 4000 BC

later they were used in battles

Physical Characteristics

The equine foot is a hoof

Skin is similar to canine skin

Large eyes

Long, hairy mane and tail

Interesting Information

Have 205 bones

They are Herbivores

Around 60 million horses in the world

Has 3 eyelids

Have 360 degree vision

One of the 12 Chinese signs of the zodiac


Horses have many uses anywhere from entertainment to working activities.

Some horses are used in sport competitions like races, barrel racing, show jumping.

Some horses also help with police work. Police officers ride the horses in some places.


Phylum: chordata

Class: mammalia

Order: perissodactyla

Family: equidae

Similar to a donkey or a zebra


A piece of equipment or accessory equipped on horses

ex: saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, ect.

Owning a Horse

Horses are an expensive animal to care for, so you must make sure you are financially able to care for the animal.

Fresh water must be available at all times.

Your pasture must be fenced to avoid the horse escaping or getting injured.

Proper bedding and exercise is also vital for horses

Hay should be available to the horse for consumption.