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The playground construction is moving along. At the April 30th BOE meeting the District officially accepted the HSAs donation of the structure. The work at first has been slow due to rocky Greenfield Soil. Some concrete was poured on Wednesday and more will be poured on Today.

At the Shared Decision meeting we discussed "playground tours". The purpose of the tours is to allow teachers an opportunity to review playground safety prior to play. A sign up sheet will be in the main office. We are hoping that the tours can take place Monday the 11th. However, it might be sooner and, of course, it could be later. I don't see it being later than May 13th. So- sign up for a time to take your class for a tour and as the structure comes together we'll nail down the opening date.

June 12th the HSA is planning a family evening to celebrate the grand opening. There will be a BBQ and a movie on the lawn.

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The new copier is up and running. It is open for "free access" copying, which simply means you can do your basic copying on it. However, we are working to get it networked. This will allow people to "send" jobs to the copier directly. This will be available to all at the start of school in the fall. Right now, the office will be the guinea pigs and we will ask for a few teacher volunteers so we can work out the kinks prior to fall. The copier will also function as a scanner. This will allow you to scan items to your email.

The aides and clerks were trained on the new copier on Friday morning. Teachers can work with Betsy to arrange a time for a quick "how to" session. You are welcome to use it without a training. The screen is self explanatory, but if there is someone who wants some more in depth training. Betsy is available to work with you.

Will we still be able to print to a "printer"?

Yes. For the remainder of this year, the same printers will be available as they have been. Next year, only the laser printers will be available. This means the "inkjets" that are in classrooms/ offices will be eliminated. As you know the cost of ink for inkjet printing is extraordinary. The decision was made to reduce cost, but still provide options for printing.

Classroom moves next year.....

With some of our changes in sectioning next year, it has forced us to think about where our classrooms are located. The increase in 5th grade has caused us to think about where 1st grade should be. To keep all grade levels on the same floor, 1st grade will move back to the main hallway. We also have the question of where to put our special needs classrooms. The students who are joining us from Lake are older and still require some self help for daily functions. One of the larger considerations is the need for a private, larger toileting space. The classrooms across from the gym are great spaces for this arrangement. With moving these classrooms comes the need to move the OT room as these students often require frequent sensory breaks and therapies. So the OT room will be the 3rd classroom in this hallway.

There are some large scale moves happening with these changes. Please save any available boxes. We are collecting boxes from the kitchen, Allerdice and typical building supplies. If you have boxes lying around, please share!

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week

The HSA has been working hard and planning for a week to celebrate the work you do with students. The luncheon will be on May 8th.

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. Author Unknown

School Survey

The Shared Decision Making Team is distributing a survey to families this week. The survey is similar to those distributed in the past. Families will be able to fill out a paper copy or complete it online. You can view the survey in the picture below.
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