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May 2015 Update

May News

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I am your Director and I am here to help you along your journey.

I wanted to be able to share with everyone (including those not on Facebook) what has been going on in the past month. Please email me if you have further questions.

I think we can finally say that the last few months of chaos are BEHIND US!

I am so excited to finally sit down to get a newsletter out to the team! I know it has been a while and we definitely need to keep this running monthly! The last couple of months have been challenging, most of us are highly aware, but I think (KNOW) we are on the up-swing and it is time to WORK!

With any hyper growth direct sales company (and there are not that many; we are the elite) you grow so fast that at some point, the company has to come down a bit and level off! I truly believe that Origami Owl has gone through this "down the hill" phase and now we are ready to start growing again! And with these promotions and incentives, how could we not! It is time to recognize that we have leveled off, no more dropping, and let's get to work and start regrowing our businesses! Who is ready?!

Hostess Rewards FORM

Watch the video FIRST! (above)

Dear Designers,

We know it's hard having to wait for a reward, but now the wait for Hostess Rewards is over! If you're experiencing issues with your Hostess Rewards calculation in the Back office, we have good news! No more calls to Designer Care, no more waiting on hold, and no more apologizing to your Hostesses. It's simple-just complete the new Hostess Rewards Redemption Form and we'll do the rest! Skylar, Designer Care Rep, can tell you more in this short video.

If your Hostess Rewards are being calculated correctly, you don't need to do anything.

You can find the Hostess Rewards Redemption Form here, or in O2 Academy. Click on the Jewelry Bars frame in the Business Academy, click on #3 Holding your Jewelry Bar and the Hostess Rewards Redemption Form will be listed. Open the PDF, type in your order details, save the file and email it to HostessRewards@OrigamiOwl.com. That's all - we'll do the rest, including mailing your Hostess her rewards with free standard shipping

Hostess Rewards will be shipped out in the order that they are received. Please allow 1-2 days for your request to be processed.

For more information, please click here to read our FAQs.

The Nest

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Don't forget to send me names of designers on your team that have LEFT THE NEST!

We need to clean up our Facebook group page! This environment is for ACTIVE DESIGNERS ONLY! Please send me names of those that are no longer designers, so we can kindly remove them from our team page!

Did you SEE this UPDATE?!

Dear Designers,

Below are the latest IT updates that we've been working on here at The Nest:

  • New Feature
    • Downline Report now available in Tree View
  • Soar to Success
    • Soar to Success Tracker now showing in all eligible Designer Back Offices
  • Links
    • The Customer Service link is now linked to the correct page
  • Personal Web Pages (PWPs)
    • PWPs for Designers in Puerto Rico, Guam and Virgin Island Designers are now working
  • Ordering
    • The Business Supplies section has been recategorized
  • Reporting
    • Designers can now export all data for Downline Report, Downline Rank, Order History, New Designer List and Soar to Success
    • Downline Report is now exporting the entire downline
  • Orders
    • Order Date/Time in Order History now showing in Eastern Daylight Time
  • Payment
    • Error message pop up appears when credit card is declined
The Nest

Don't want to include TOO much info...

...So STAY TUNED for a follow-up Newsletter this week with PROMOTION recognition AND sales tips! :)

Miss you, love you, see you soon!