Ancient Egypt

Amara Meister

Kings and Goverment

  • Split between North and South.
In ancient Egypt there was a split between the North and the South, also called Upper and Lower Egypt. Both north and south had their own Kings.

  • When together the king wore double crown.
Each side had own colors. Red was North and White was South.

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King Khufu

  • King Khufu made 3 Pyramids.

The first pyramid was for him. His second was for Khafre his son.The last pyramid was for Menkure his grandson.

  • His pyramid is also called the Great Pyramid.
People call his the Great Pyramid because its big. It was 13 acres across and the sides were 756 feet .In all it about 471- 481 tall.

Religion, Structures,and Ideas and Inventions in Ancient Egypt