Describe the animal.

The lion is a very big and violent beast. It is also known as the king of the jungle. The scientific name for the lion is Panthera Leo.

How is it born,How does the mother care for it’s young?

The mother has the cub. The mother leaves the cub for 6 weeks. She comes back after that to see how they are doing then the cubs are on there own.Then the cubs are grown up and they start their new life.

How does it get it’s food, What does it eat?

It gets food by Hunting other animals. It eats any kind of meat that they can get. They hunt all day and night for their families or their self.

Where does it live, and what are some it’s habits?

Nearly all wild lions live in sub-Saharan Africa. It hunts every day for itself or is cubs. And all of the females going hunting not the males. They also wash themselves every so often.

Who are it’s enemies, and how does it defend itself?

The lion really doesn't have enemies unless its an animal that is far worse poison than its own. If I did have enemies it would use its razor sharp teeth. And it would use it’s razor sharp claws.

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