Cassidy Burega

Italys geography

Italy was very open. They could invade here very easily. They were in the peninsula in the Mediterranean.

Roman government

Romans had many forms of government. There was a republic which is a form of government. Then there was a Senate which was a powerful governing body, also Patricians that are landholding upper class. Finally there was Plebeians who supervised the business of government.

Rome conquered

Rome conquered many places. One place they conquered is Italy. Some other ones are Carthage, Macedonia, Greece, and finally parts of Asia minor.

art and architecture

They had many different arts. They took a lot of their art from the Greek. They mainly do Greek style statues.

Main things

2 main things would be the Pax Romana, the 12 Tables and the aqueduct. The Pax Romana was a 200 year peace treaty. The 12 tables is laws displayed in the market place. The aqueduct is bridge like stone structures that carried water from the hills to the cities.

Fall of Roman Empire

The Military lacked training and discipline. The social population declined because of diseases. The economy had heavy taxes and then the farmers left the land. Then, the political government became too strict and the divided empire became too weak.