Save the Date!!!

Megan's Bachelorette Party!

Sexy Time!

Grab that Penis (black preferably) Paraphanalia and get those boobs perked up!

Its time to celebrate Megan going off the market!

This is just a little Save the Date so yall can get it on your calendar!

We'll be heading down to Beth's Lakehouse the weekend of April 26th through April 28th

(Friday through Sunday)

The Lakehouse is in Longview which is about 2 hours east of Dallas.

You're more than welcome to come down Friday or if you can't make it then, come on down Saturday.

We'll send an official invite with all of the details soon! So excited! We'll see yall then!

Beth, Lydia, & Casey

Friday, April 26th, 5pm to Sunday, April 28th, 12pm

Longview, TX

Longview, TX

We'll send an invite with all the details!