Fin Island

By Paige, Addison,Kaitlyn,Sophia

Fin Island

Hello! Welcome to our island we would like to welcome you by telling what is on our island so I am going to tell you about it right now.

There are all four seasons and yes we also have winter but you will be amazed.

First there is spring. In spring there is a huge flower garden.

Next there is summer. In summer there is a huge beach and it is realy fun.

Then we have fall. In fall there are four wheel rides everywere and I mean EVERYWHERE!

Then there is winter. In winter there are a lot of snow hills. They have big hills and small hills even hills that are just right for almost everyone.

So there, now I have told you almost everything you need to know. There is one more thing I need to tell you. But I am not going to tell you because you have to come to our island. So I hope you have a lot of............................FUN!


Fall is fun

In fall you can do almost anything and you can go four wheeling.


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Einertson 13