Book Theme #2 - Compassion

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez


Very early in the book, it seems as the Village people were very compassionate and generous. The Village itself was founded by people who were rejected by other Villages and made it their point to help anyone in need. The Villagers cared for the sick and wounded with disregard to their own problems.

Another part that shows compassion is after the Villagers agreed to close the gate to the Village to anyone else wanting to come in, Leader asks Matty to deliver a message to all the other Villages about the closing of the gate. This journey is considered to be very dangerous. Also, Seer asked Matty if he could go back to his original Village to retrieve Seer’s daughter, Kira. Although the journey can be very dangerous, Matty agrees to face danger and travel through the Forest, retrieve Kira and face the dangers of the Forest once again. Kira, who has received a warning from the Forest, risks it all to be near her father Seer and decides to take the journey. Leader, who has an ability of seeing beyond, senses the dangers and decides to enter the Forest to save Matty and Kira. Leaders shows compassion by entering the Forest to save the two. He risked his life in the process and became captured and Matty and Kira had to go rescue him.

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