2020 Summer Experience

Middle School - For incoming 6th-8th graders

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Lebanon Middle School Summer Experience Opportunities

These experiences are designed for students entering 6th through 8th grade.

Advanced Photography/Video Making

Want to learn more about photography & video making? We will meet professional photographers and videographers. You will have the opportunity to be in front/behind the camera. We will use iPads, green screens, editing apps, and more. Last year, students had their photo and writing published in the newspaper!

Anything Goes

Design it, Create it, Explore it, or Bake it
It might be a flop but will be fun while we make it!

Share your own expertise or ideas you just want to try!
Like string & nail art, spray-paint shirts, and slime!

Design geo-built forts and make some rock candy
plus“made with love projects” for charity--both fun and so handy!

Prepare to be entertained and get your hands a bit dirty
Meet us at LMS in June each day til 2:30!

Around the World in 20 Days

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in other countries like Mexico or even Japan? Have you ever wondered what they like to read or watch on TV and what they eat? "Around the World in 20 Days" is for you!! We will learn about all of that and we might bring food in potluck style or bring in food from a restaurant that serves their food. Make your 2020 Summer Experience a memorable one as we travel "Around the World in 20 Days" together!


We will explore exciting astronomy topics such as planets, comets, stars, space exploration, colonizing Mars, and aliens! We will show how an asteroid impact led to the extinction of the dinosaurs! Hands-on projects will include rocket building, lunar landers and astronomy models! Come join us to explore the universe!

Bright Lights, Big Screen

Want to be on camera? We will be making short videos and commercials using green screen. What do you need? Your imagination, the ability to work with a team, and know how to have fun.

Build It

In this class, we will learn the basics of 3-D design and 3-D printing. We will make wood shop projects using traditional shop tools and machinery. This class is very hands on and everyone will have something to take home. “Let’s go make something cool!”

Clowning Around

Clowns have been a staple in society for generations, but media and Hollywood have changed the idea of what a clown is, including making the clown a symbol of fear for many. In Clowning Around, students will not only learn about some clown basics, but also get a chance to practice skills they never thought possible. We will learn many tricks of the trade from, costume and make up design, to juggling, making balloon animals, hula hooping techniques, plate spinning, the art of joking, and much more. Even if you have a fear of clowns or aren't interested in clowns, this class will offer a chance to laugh and have a lot of fun.

Coding, Robots, and More

Coding can open the door for many possible career experiences and it's FUN! This will be a hands-on class where you will be creating beginning code to program and operate a robot through challenges and obstacles. We will be using critical thinking skills, creativity, and most importantly we will be having a good time! Join us to explore the wonderful world of coding!!

Current Events

Explore subjects that our going on everyday around us. Dive in deeper through hands on exploration.

Everything Water

In this class we will learn about all kinds of things involving water. We will have a shark week where we learn all about sharks, make shark teeth, and make other shark activities. We will explore lots of other types of underwater creatures as well. We will also make a boat and learn about why it floats. We will make ocean water to drink while we watch movies about underwater creatures. We will go to the park, trail, and have scavenger hunts to learn about the weather, and the water cycle. We will also be planting some vegetables and learning about gardening and how water helps the plants to grow and how bees help pollinate our crops. This will be a hands- on class; full of making slime, play-doh, tie dye shirts, as well as water balloon fights. We will be looking at pond creatures under the microscope.

Explore Lebanon

Explore Lebanon while we work with local officials, agencies, businesses and more as we discover all that Lebanon has to offer students and their families. Over 100 new students enrolled at LMS after the start of last school year. This exciting summer school class will focus on producing “New Student Welcome Packs” to be handed out to new students and their families when they enroll at LMS. These packs will help introduce students to our school and town. We will also make a video tour of the LMS building to help new students feel more comfortable heading into their first few days at LMS. If you are looking to take a leadership role at LMS, sign up for Explore Lebanon and help the future students and friends of LMS and their families.

Fantasy Films and STEM

Students will look at the science and history behind some of our most influential fantasy films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other fictional films. Students will have the opportunity to recreate pirate maps and search for buried treasure, help Harry Potter and friends in search for missing Horcruxes and play wizard's chess, look at the science of Light Sabers and flying crafts, and engage in other fun summer activities.

Going Viral! How to become a YouTube Master!

Are you a YouTuber? Do you want to know how to make your videos better? This is the class for you! In this class, you will be learning how to make and edit YouTube videos as well as making full movies! We will be editing and creating videos using iMovie. If you are interested in being on the JNN staff for LMS, you should take this class!

Good Mythical Summer

Good Mythical Summer will give the students the chance to experience what it is like to experiment with different things as they do on the YouTube series Good Mythical Morning. Students will be given the opportunity to participate in several different things from blind food tastings from local fast food restaurants to taste test to testing out different kinds of products to see if they live up to their name. Along with these activities, students will be able to experience several other activities from the show. Good Mythical Summer will give students a chance to bring their adventurous side to life during this summer experience.

LMS Junior Chefs

Students will plan meals, shop for supplies/ingredients, prepare and feast. Join Pioneer Woman, Alton Brown, Cowboy Kent Rollins, Chopped Junior Stars and be prepared to be famous! You will video, narrate, and share your own cooking show.


Interested in learning how to make your own soap or other bath and body products? What about candles? Here’s your chance! You can learn a craft and create your own beautiful handmade gifts at the same time! In this DIY class, we will utilize advanced soap and candle making techniques to formulate and create various types of home fragrances as well as bath and body items (including soaps, scrubs, lotions and bath bombs). We will experiment with new and innovative package designs, logo designs and marketing ideas! We will utilize experts within the different fields through skype visits and virtual field trips, guest speakers and we will even partner with a local artist for a fun-filled personalized painting experience. Each student will create a minimum of 6 different products along with a workbook/recipe book to take home. So put on your creative hat and let’s get soaping!!!!

Mad Scientists 101

Do you want to be a mad scientists? Come join us. We will do crazy experiments-most of which will create something you can eat! We will use microscopes, build and create things, get messy and take some field trips too.

Make a Viral Video Challenge!

In this course students will learn the 3 secret ingredients a video needs to go viral! We will research viral videos to see what they have in common, learn how influencers and businesses use different social media platforms to post their content, and learn video editing techniques. Along the way, students will make their own videos in an attempt to create a viral video! In addition to creating videos based on student interest, we will also partner with a local charity/non-profit of the students' choosing and use our viral video making magic to promote their cause!

Makerspace Experience

Welcome to Makerspace Experience at LMS! Sign up for the Makerspace Experience to explore, build, create, and tinker this summer. Possible activities include the following hands-on projects. Explore innovative tech tools to create green screen videos and program robots. Design and build towers and bridges using Keva planks. Create your own video game using Bloxels. Experience virtual field trips to discover new and exciting locales as well as Zoom with experts. So many choices and opportunities to explore and learn this summer! You do not want to miss this exciting experience!

Minecraft: Creating Worlds Based on History, Literature, and Movies

In this course, we will use Minecraft to create worlds based on things we can research in history and bring stories to life. We will have strategic builds, where students will be given the opportunity to research architectural buildings from the past. (Examples: Students in the past have recreated the Roman Coliseum, Independence Hall, the Taj Mahal, etc...) Additionally, we will also work on creative builds bringing favorite books and movies to life. This class is for true gamers, lovers of Minecraft, and students with a creative imagination.

MO Fun in the Sun

Mo Fun in the Sun is an outdoor/indoor recreation experience will allow students to actively explore the Missouri outdoors by utilizing local trails, parks and the middle school gyms. The different activities will include games, sports, fitness challenges, biking, hiking, archery, and more fun adventures

Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem

We will take on the roles of crime scene investigators to solve a crime that has been committed in April Henry's book Body in the Woods. We will combine English with the study of forensic science and associated careers to use techniques such as handwriting analysis, chromatography, fingerprinting, and blood spatter to see how investigators would have solved the crime in the book. Planned guest speakers with community involvement will include the Lebanon Police Department, the Laclede County Sheriff Department, and/or the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Puzzles, Mazes and More

Use problem solving skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and develop a better self esteem by putting puzzles together. Some puzzles we will work with will be jigsaw, word search, mazes, mind games, Sudoku, and more. We will complete premade puzzles as well as create our own!

Puzzle mania is a class designed to help students grow and develop problem solving strategies, fine motor, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, social skills, and self-esteem through a variety of puzzle activities. Students will get to work with many different types of puzzles and increase the difficulty level throughout the year. Puzzle types will include, but not be limited to jig saw, 3D, Lego, pattern blocks, Rubik’s cubes, logic puzzles, word puzzles, and riddles

Science Exploration

This course will be designed to take a closer more hands on look into the world of Science. We will create different STEM projects.Technology is Science, we will utilize technology to complete a wide range of tasks.

Tech Genius - Games and more!

Use your "tech genius" to create your own online game and play the games created by your classmates. Use your "tech genius" to tap into your creative side using graphic arts programs.