Edmond Doyle News


We had such a great time at our Fall Literacy Carnival! Thanks to everyone that sent things for our baskets, chips, candy bars, pop, cheese, and cookies!! A huge thanks to Steve and Robin Woodley for donating the yummy chili for our dinner tonight! And our face painters...all of you were amazing! Our kids loved every one of your creations! Thank you MHS Art Club-you rock!! Ms. Benjamin and Ms. Jeffreys-you are wonderful art teachers!

Of course, thanks to our teachers for providing fun stories and fun reading games for us to enjoy. A special thanks to Cottonball for coming and helping tonight. You are the cutest dog in the world and your patience with us was remarkable!! Teachers-you were a huge reason why tonight was successful-the kids loved listening to your stories, taking AR tests, playing Kahoot, and winning at the candy, book, and poster walk!! Ms. Harrison, Ms. Courtnie, and Ms. Melissa-thanks for helping. Ms. Kay-thanks for you and your friends serving us our yummy dinner. Mr. Cornish and Mr. Waller-thanks for running the obstacle course and pop toss! Megan Higgins-thanks for all you do for us! The kids had a great time. All of you make life fun at Edmond Doyle!

A special thanks to Nolan Chlebik, Kaylee Bowen, Patience and Allison Sommer, Adarra Wilson, and Trai Hobbs for coming to help tonight. They vacuumed rugs, set things up, and helped us run everything smoothly. Once an Edmond Doyle kid-always an Edmond Doyle kid!!

Be sure and join us in the morning at 9:00 for our Veteran's Day program. Invite any Veteran you know so we can honor them. Mrs. Braswell and our talented children never disappoint!!

Thanks to every parent that took time to come tonight. We hope you had a good time as well!