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Hey There Team!!!

November was an amazing month and I know December is going to knock our socks off as well!! I can't think of a better time then now to set your goals high, dream big and go for it!!

For the month of December I will be doing a training series called OPERATION PROMOTE for YOU all in my personal generation that focus on setting goals, making a plan, reaching out and connecting with everyone you know about KEEP!

Operation Promote is a challenge from me to you to try and promote at least one career title above where you currently are at in the month of December. Bringing a friend along for the ride is not only fun but it can drastically increase your pay check and who couldn't use some extra cash this time of year!?

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This page is set up exclusively for you all in my personal generation. In this group I will be opening an event called Operation Promote. This is were I will be sharing information about the importance of sponsoring as well as giving tips on who to reach out to and words to say. We will also have an Opportunity Event to follow up with those you have reached out to. Your personal sales are just as important to building your business so we will have a Booking Blitz to help you book socials online and in person!

On top of the training I will be providing I would love to also connect with you individually or in small groups! This way I can help you come up with a plan to best meet your goals. If you are interested in a one-on-one or small team training, send me a message on Facebook (Joni Endicott-Garcia) or reply to this email and we will get you all set up!!

I really am super excited about getting to work with you all more closely! The sky is the limit! DREAM BIG!!


Joni Garcia
Founding Senior Director