CBHT Religious School

Newsletter - 2/5/15

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Religious School Led Shabbat Service tonight at 6:30

Join us this evening, Friday, February 5th at 6:30. All ages and grades -- from infants to teens -- are invited to participate in leading services tonight beginning at 6:30. The more students -- the more RUACH! The D'var Torah will be offered by Kitah Vav (6th grade) and our oneg will be provided by the parents of Kitah Vav. Music by Seth Kellam and the voices of Shir Tephila, our family choir!

Other upcoming events

  • March 4th - Religious School Shabbat with D'var Torah from Kitah Bet and Kitah Gimel (Callie's, Tracy's, and Lorne's classes.
  • March 20th - School Purim Celebration -- with special visit from Queen Esther's Bubbe and Zayde and the Second Annual Seth Kellam Lookalike Contest!

Our Hebrew Word of the Week: עץ

This past Sunday's Hebrew Word of the Week (in belated celebration of Tu B'Shevat) was עץ (Eitz/tree). Tu B'Shevat is the birthday of the trees. On Tu B'Shevat every tree grows one year older. This way, we can keep track of the commandment in Torah not to harvest the fruit of a tree until it is three years old. The name Tu B'Shevat means the 15th day of the month of Shevat. The word טוּ (Tu) has the numerical value of 15 (tet = 9 and vav = 6) and why not yud + hey (10 +5)? Because yud + hey = a name of God, which we would not want to accidentally profane by writing it down and throwing it away!

Trees are very important to Jewish life. We call our Torah Eitz Chayyim -- a Tree of Life! We ended our time in Kehilla Tephila by singing a rousing version of Tree of Life with Seth!

More Highlights from Sunday, 1/31

  • In K'tanim, Miri shared a Tu B'shevat seder with the babies and their parents and explained how Tu B'shevat is celebrated in Israel.
  • In Parparim we learned about the parts of trees and pretended to grow into giant trees from tiny seeds!
  • In Gan Yeladim we read our "Why we Like Trees Book" that we made together. We made table decorations for the Souper Bowl and we even found time to make bird feeders for animals who might be hungry in winter.
  • In Kitah Aleph We decorated chef's hats and aprons in anticipation of participating in the Souper Bowl with our Bubbie Lana Waltzer- thank you Lana for the hats and aprons! Todah Rabah to all the students who were able to stay and help!

    We went outside to count the trees on the Temple property in honor of Tu B'shevat- we counted 62 trees!

  • In Kitah Bet we discussed Tu B'Shevat and how it is celebrated around the world. We planted basil and rosemary seeds. We played a memory game of "Acts of Gemilut Chasadim". We practiced our Hebrew letters and made trees out of handprints and hearts.

  • In Kitah Gimel we learned that different fruits from trees represent different personality types and we discussed how trees can teach us how to learn from one another.We also took advantage of the warm winter weather to plant seeds and play outside.

  • In Kitah Dalet, our classroom "Bubbe", Alice created biblical costumes for us to wear for the Souper Bowl event. Our class won the prize for best costumes!

  • In Kitah Hey we decided to research charities for education and soon we'll vote on where we will send out tzedakah. Everyone tried each of the fruits o the seder plate. Each person shared a blessing or a prayer for someone else in class.

  • In Kitah Vav we prepared the prayers for the Tephila which we'll recite this evening at services. We discussed and argued the merits of various commandments in our upcoming parsha, Mishpatim -- and we'll reveal some of our insights tonight at services.

  • In Kesher we prepared signs in Hebrew for our Israeli Balsamic Watermelon soup that we made with our classroom Bubbe, Beverly Harris! Our new Teen Director, Hannah came and spent the day with us. Miri taught us how to offer people watermelon soup in Hebrew!

Thanks to ...

  • Our classroom Bubbes for all their help: Alice Cohen, Sharon Fahrer, Beverly Harris, and Lana Waltzer!
  • The Schantz and Masterman families for helping out with bagels and security.

Mazel Tov to ...

All of our student Soup Chefs! And especially to these Religious School Families and Classes:

1st Place Traditional Soup- Homegrown Turkey Soup, chefs Isaak Davis Family
1st Place International Soup- Vietnamese Pho, Josh Bernstein Family
1st Place Wild Card Soup- Israeli Balsamic Watermelon Soup, Kesher and Bubbe Beverly Harris
1st Place Costumes- Kitah Dalet with Alice Cohen and John Noblitt
2nd Place Traditional Soup- Split Pea Chicken Noodle, Kitah Aleph with Bubbe Lana Waltzer
2nd Place Wild Card Soup- Sensual Celery Soup, The Goldman Family

And very VERY special thanks to ...

The Tikkun Olam Committee, whose efforts in putting together the Souper Bowl resulted in a nearly $2000 donation towards the completion of our Religious School space! We are so very grateful!

Hope to see you tonight at services and this Sunday for our next Fabulously Fun Day of Religious School! Shabbat Shalom!