by:Zach Taddeo

Cobras:How they eat/what they eat

How many people know what cobras like to eat and how they eat? Cobras can't see well and are deaf. A cobra uses its tongue to follow the prey when it's moving. If the cobra can't see very well on the ground it will climb a tree to see better. When they're hungry they like to eat other snakes, but anything else could be on the menu. When the cobra catches it's prey it extends it's windpipe, so it can breathe while swallowing it's prey whole.That's how cobras eat and what they like to eat.

Defending Cobras

Did you know that cobras can camouflage into the ground to stay safe. Cobras lift 3 feet of their body into the air and spread out their hood to scare the enemy off. They also bite people if they get scared. When cobras get disturbed they might spit venom at the prey's eyes. The venom might blind a human if it's not treated properly. These are some of the ways cobras defend themselves.
Spitting Cobra Takes On Lion

How cobras make a nest and live with their babies

As you may know,there are a decent amount of steps for cobras to build a nest. First the female cobra makes a loop with her body. She then pulls dead leaves, soil and ground into compact mound. After a little while the female lays 20 to 50 eggs. She coils above the eggs for 2 months. The female defends the eggs, with the male close by to help defend the eggs too. Finally,the babies are born, they can spread their hood and poison prey. That's how cobras live with their babies and build a home.


A lot of people think that cobras can spread venom not garter snakes. Well they're wrong. They both spread venom. When it comes to eating they both extend their jaws to eat the prey. When they're hungry they swallow their prey whole. When their born they're both at least 5 inches or more. That's some of the similarities between Garter snakes and cobras.
A lot of people think that cobras and Garter snakes are both poisonous. Garter snakes are poisonous but not that poisonous.cobras on the other hand are really poisonous. Garter snakes kill smaller prey, while cobras kill bigger prey.Garter snakes are more common then cobras.The Garter snake is found in North America and Canada.The cobra is found in southern Asia and Africa.Those are some of the differences between cobras and Garter snakes.

endangered cobras

Cobras are fascinating creatures from southern Asia to Africa. Cobra are very interesting, but they are endangered from overharvesting. They decreased by 30% because of being hunted. We could help save the cobras by keeping hunters in legal places not illegal places. Another way is to make humans stop killing ton and tons of cobras for their venom. Humans use cobra venom for medicine. We also could train and educate officers, farmers and villagers. Cobras habitats are getting demolished because of humans. Humans are doing mining activities and poaching to kill cobras habitats.We can train officers who can train farmers and villagers to rescue cobras. The cobra family is really important in the ecosystem. That is some of the ways we can help save cobras.

the giant jaws

Everyone knows that cobras can eat big prey. How? They open their mouth really wide. Th jaws are not connected in the back of the mouth like it is in ours. If the prey is really fat or big, it can extend it's jaws to be that big. When they open their jaws to swallow prey, they move their windpipe out so they can breathe. Cobras like to open their jaws really wide and swallow their prey whole. With those pieces of evidence it show that cobras can make their jaws as big as their prey.