Tech Talk at LTPS

K-3 Elementary Technology with Mrs. Miller

Spring 2015 - Ben Franklin students increasing their technological content knowledge!

The last marking period of our school year is in progress and our Ben Franklin students are engaged in technology.

First grade students are creating online stories and publishing to the web using Carnegie Mellon's My Storymaker (link below). Digital storytelling is a dynamic way to select characters, settings, and write adventures using their own words. My Storymaker was selected as one of the "Best Websites for Teaching & Learning" by the American Association of School Librarians.

Second grade students will be introduced to robotics in preparation for their third grade WeDo robotics experience. We will share videos from BrainPop and discuss the importance of robotics in manufacturing, medicine, engineering and how it is transforming our world.

Third grade has been fine tuning their word processing skills using Microsoft Word which aligns with many of the features students will be using with Google Docs in 4th grade next year. Formatting, inserting pictures, paragraphs, aligning text, are just some of the functions they are using. Third grade is also getting ready for their final robotic build using WeDo Legos. They will be connecting, playing, constructing, and programming their robots.

Bee-Bot Robots in Kindergarten

Kindergarten students are exploring robotics using Bee-Bot Robots. They are creating algorithms, and programming the robot to go forward, backwards, left and right. This unique experience for kindergarten is teaching them about coding, directions, problem solving, estimation, sequencing, and collaborating with their classmates. Watch the video of Mrs. Zegarski demonstrating how to program the Bee Bot with her students. We thank the LTEF for funding this grant.

Bee Bot movie

Mrs. Frederick's Students use sight words with the Bee-Bot Robots!

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Free Web Sites for K-3

Suggested iPad apps

Vocabulary and Spelling City

Fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words!

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Winter Blast 2015

Third grade students participated in the "Make A Robot" Winter Blast, and they really did have a blast! Check out the Weebly below to view pictures of our robotic engineers!

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