Peaches & Cream

Outfits for Dogs

Our Sweaters

Our sweaters are the best. You can have you dog strutting like they are on a run way in no time. With our fun designs and customizable software, it is easy to create fun and sassy designs for your favorite canine.

Other Outfits:

Come to Peaches and Cream

Located in New York, our customized shop is the ultimate dog shop and hang-out spot. Our primary location, next to the Broadway theater, has plush couches and seating for your perfect pets as well as a free salon that can be used when you buy on of our products.

Customer Service

Please Call (317) 435-9351 for assistance

Peaches Birthday Party

Friday, Oct. 2nd 2015 at 6-9pm

4444 Broadway

New York, NY

Come to our shop and celebrate Peaches third Birthday! Come with a bag of treats for the Peach and get a free outfit and salon visit for your dog.