Conrad O'Brien Fitness Challenge

Help Us Help You Reach Your Fitness Goal and Win a FitBit

May is Physical Fitness Month- Join a Team Today

During the month of May, your goal will be to add more physical activity into your day. Each week consists of a different physical challenge to complete based on your current activity level. A sample intermediate program would be:

  • Week 1 - Exercise 30 minutes per day
  • Week 2 - 20 push-ups and 25 sit-ups a day
  • Week 3 - Walk or run 10 miles or more in 5 days
  • Week 4 - 15 minutes of stretching per day

Nicole Schillinger, certified fitness instructor, will be on hand to provide modifications for all levels of fitness: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You will receive a tracking sheet that fits your level to allow you to be competitive for your team. There is a total of 95 points you can earn in the challenge by completing your weekly exercise goals.

Fitness Challenge Launch Meeting

Tuesday, April 29th, 11-11:45am

Large Conference Room

Please RSVP to Pat Gallagher,, to attend the presentation and to join a team for the fitness challenge.

Winning team will win bragging rights and a $25 gift card each. All participants will receive a challenge booklet and will be assigned to a team. One name will be drawn from the list of attendees at the launch meeting to win a Fitbit activity tracker.

Nicole Schillinger-Vogler R.D, LDN

For over ten years, Nicole has worked as a clinical and long term care dietician in several hospitals and assisted living facilities on the East Coast. Through the years she has worked with and educated patients with several disease states to adjust their lifestyle, make healthier choices, follow an exercise regimen and to feel better about themselves!

In addition to being a registered dietician, Nicole is also a certified personal trainer so she strongly believes that in addition to eating the right foods, a good exercise regimen is key to balanced health!

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