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Starting date: 07.09.2022

Ending date: 06.08.2023

European Solidarity Corps Programme (ESC)

As a volunteer, the European Solidarity Corps lets you learn through non-formal experiences, improve existing skills or acquire new ones for your personal, educational or professional development.

The volunteering service offers you:

- Free accommodation: a single room in a flat shared with other volunteers.

- Pocket money (€155 per month).

- Money for food expenses (€155 per month).

- Local transport to get to your volunteer activities.

- Arrival and midterm training (midterm evaluation).

- Private medical insurance that will cover all the expenses not covered by the public health system (health, accident and civil liability insurance).

- Your travel expenses from where you live to Murcia at the beginning of the project and from Murcia to your place of residence once the project is finished.

- Visa and residence permit fees (if required).

About the volunteer project

Start date: 07.09.2022

End date: 06.08.2023

The schedule of volunteer activities will be between 25 and 35 hours per week.

The work of the volunteer is basically to accompany and support the teacher in his/her daily life:

· Greet children on arrival, help with changing shoes if necessary.

· Monitoring and collaborating during free play. Preparing breakfast with the children and teacher.

· Help children with hand washing, collection and handling of materials and space.

· During the outing to the garden the volunteer attends to the children, helps them with their needs and will also prepare the classrooms for the next activity.

· Return to the classroom, assisting the children and the teacher in the bathroom and at lunch.

. Participation in story time and dismissal.

· Entrance to the dining room helping with the bathroom and the needs of the children, maintaining a calm atmosphere and will help to leave the classroom ready for the next activity.

· Participation in quarterly school parties.

. Support in activities space maintenance (tidying, cleaning, decorating, gardening, etc.).

. Support in workshops for children and parents.

· The volunteer will be able to participate in the teachers' staff where will learn songs, fingerplays, stories and other educational resources that are used daily in the classrooms and will participate in the organization of the annual festivities as they are experienced in Waldorf schools.

Our volunteer will also participate in the following activities:

- Promotion of European projects and programs and mobility among young people in the Region of Murcia, as well as among the users of our organization.

- Participation in workshops and presentations of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) program in youth organizations, secondary schools in the city of Murcia and the University of Murcia.

Through the project activities, the volunteer will have the opportunity to learn:

· Basic knowledge of Waldorf education through daily activities with children, on the one hand and, on the other hand, by participating in the study workshops, conferences and trainings organized by our association on topics related to this pedagogy;

· Management of skills such as: willingness, patience, respect, etc.

· Teamwork and participation in meetings with our collaborators and members, decision making, etc.

· How to interact with children and understand their needs and support them throughout the day.

· How to use imagination in play, as the Waldorf ideology is to use nature during play, such as wood, stones and materials, instead of common plastic toys.

Waldorf pedagogy offers a very broad vision of the human being that points towards self- education, and finding it can be a source of growth for our volunteer.

In addition, the volunteer will learn to work in groups with teachers, parents, and mothers in a dynamic and responsible way. For handicraft lovers it is without doubt a source of creativity and a good opportunity to learn to work with noble materials.

Our volunteering project seeks to promote the values promoted by the EU and the ESC Programme, such as solidarity, equality, justice, respect, the fight against exclusion and xenophobia, etc.

Accommodation and maintenance

The volunteers who participate in our project will live in a flat located in the center of the city of Murcia together with other volunteers who carry out their volunteer project in other organizations in Murcia.

The flat will be rented by the Euroaccion Association, the coordinating organization of this project. Each volunteer will have his/her own room to guarantee privacy and space. The coordinating organization will pay the rent of the apartment and the bills on a monthly basis, to free the volunteers from these tasks.

This project is funded by the European Commission and covers, in addition to accommodation, the costs of food, pocket money and local transport. This money will be managed by the volunteer in a free and independent way.

About Jardín Waldorf Murcia

The aim of Asociación Jardín Waldorf de Murcia is to develop and promote the education of the human being using Waldorf pedagogy through formal education within the Spanish educational system.

In order to fulfill the purposes listed in the previous article we carried out the following activities:

· Educational and recreational initiatives that promote the encounter between families of our collaborators.

· Organization of conferences, courses, exhibitions, workshops and other educational activities for children, young people, parents and teachers for the theoretical and practical development of the founding principles of the Association.

· Organisation of markets, open days and informative talks.

· Publication and distribution of brochures, newsletters, magazines and all kinds of publications.

· And all those events and activities that contribute to the understanding and development of Waldorf education.

Our association consists of employees and teachers trained in Waldorf education.

The Asociación Jardín Waldorf de Murcia is made up of parents, currently members, who have the same intention: to educate their children through Waldorf pedagogy.

Our association welcomes children between 18 months and 6 years old. What differentiates our educational approach from others is the importance given to movement, the use of art, imitation through observation, rather than intellectual activities. The teachers observe the children and take care of them in a personalized way, according to the internal evolution of each child, respecting the evolutionary process of each one of them.

Music, art and free play are basic elements in our teaching methods. Songs are integrated into everyday activities, while the children draw, paint, play, mould beeswax, make bread, etc. The materials used in our activities are noble and natural materials such as wax for drawing, wood, beeswax for moulding, wool, organic fabrics, etc. The children spend half of their time in the garden, being in contact with nature, movement is essential at this early stage of life. Children climb trees, jump, run, play with the ground, jump in puddles, etc., because for them everything is discovery and movement. Through play they learn to relate and interact with each other. If there are conflicts between them, the teachers support them in handling them in a very respectful way. The children participate in all the activities, such as: picking up and cleaning the classroom, setting the table for lunch, making bread, cutting vegetables, etc.

The association has three classrooms that are distributed according to the number of children and their ages in each school year.

Our association is currently located in La Alberca, a district of Murcia, about 15 minutes drive from the centre of Murcia, in a natural environment.

Volunteer profile

This project is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years old who have not participated in any European volunteering project (EVS or ESC) before.

We will prioritize the selection of young people with fewer opportunities, young people who face geographic, economic and/or educational barriers.

The activities proposed by our organization are accessible to all young people, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, political inclination, etc.

We would like a young and cheerful person, willing to work with children, to approach them and their needs with love and dedication. We also believe it is important for us that the volunteer has basic teamwork skills and has a certain dynamism in planning tasks and activities.

We are looking for a modest person who loves nature, peaceful and healthy environments. Commitment and responsibility towards the project are necessary.

No young person willing to participate in our project will be excluded for any reason (economic difficulties; social or geographical obstacles; cultural or ideological differences; sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, gender identity and sex, etc.).

If you are interested send your CV and cover letter to noemi.euroaccion@gmail.com with the subject VOLUNTEER IN WALDORF

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