Eien no Tabi

A Eternal Journey of Fate

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The Eternal Journey

Come join the adventure in the brand new RPG, Eien no Tabi. Beta copys are released over the web for all to download and play. The game itself is still in production, and is no where near finishing. However it has been tested, edited, revised, renewed, and redone several times with the little information that was provided. The game has gone through several changes over the short few weeks it was created. There has been several hidden secrets and teasure discovered in the current towns that are put into the game. The monsters attack with weird skills that don't do damage, but so far the testers have already narrowed down this problem to the Snakes in the Plains, the Skeletons in the void, and the Spiders in the forest.

The game has two developers working on it that share the names of the Main Characters. Thaddius(Kyuoshi), and Akira(Rhyme). The characters have their own purpose for being main characters, and maybe even a few secrets will be released in the next few patches. So far the game is on a small rope that has a chance to change the game yet another time. Many mistakes where exploited, but due to the patches, the exploited information was deleted and/or unaccesible due to changed made in the game.

Eien no Tabi also known as The Eternal Journey, has a slight chance of having another game, what it will be called is yet to be revealed, if it will even happen. If it does there will be a slight chance of being more people on the team instead of Kyuoshi and Rhyme. Someone has already offered their help to make Eien no Tabi better, but instead of helping make Eien no Tabi, he was asked to be a beta tester for the game, and in return was givin special items that can be accessed by anyone that can find them, and a character made by him. The character will be a side-character so he is optional. He has already been made and named, but where he is located is still unknown.

About the Developers

Thaddius, is a 10th grade student that likes to mess around with technology and tends to make things go from perfect to failure to compute. He also likes to mess around with things that he knows he really shouldn't because he'll mess it up, Thankfully, he gets bored easily.

Akira, is a 10th grade student that likes to make art and get onto thaddius for messing things up, or mispelling things. She also likes to play games and try new things out. Oddly enough, almost the complete opposite of thaddius.

To download the game, click the link below.