Camouflage That Helps Them Survive

What is Natural Selection and what does it mean to be "fit" in a species?

Natural Selection is the change of genes throughout generations based on things that help an organism survive. Being "fit" in a species means when an animal is best adapted in their current environment.

What is an example of Natural Selection?

An example of Natural Selection is Sharks.

Why is your example an example of Natural Selection and why were they selected?

Sharks are an example of Natural Selection because they have a certain trait that was passed to them that helps them survive in their environment. Sharks were "selected" because they are colored white on the underside and blue or gray on the top and this is their camouflage in the water that will help them continue to survive.

Who or what determines who is "selected?"

Nature determines who is selected.

What might cause your particular organism to be selected "out?"

If Sharks weren't colored the way they are, they most likely wouldn't survive. Some sharks are colored blue or gray on the top of them and white on the undersides, and when they are in certain waters that match the color of them, it helps them survive; that is their camouflage. If they were born with a color that doesn't match the color of the ocean they lived in, they wouldn't survive.