The Death Catchers

By: Jennifer Anne Kogler/ Report by: Marli Brusick

About the Book

The Death Catchers is about a girl named Lizzy. One day Lizzy was reading the newspaper and suddenly the words on the page rearranged to her friend ,Jodi's, own obituary. Lizzy started freaking out, "Why did that just happen?", "What is going on here?" Lizzy wandered.The only person Lizzy is very close to is her grandma, Bizzy. Lizzy gets her grandmas attention and asks her what is happening. Bizzy is acting very suspicious. Bizzy pulled Lizzy into her room and told her a secret Lizzy would have never expected in her life. Lizzy is a Death Catcher. A Death Catcher is a person that sees these magical visions called Death Specters. Death Specters are visions that only certain people can see, they show the death of someone you love and you have to try and save them. " Well, how am I magical? " said Lizzy. Bizzy explains about the Hands Of Fate. Its a group of Death Catchers. They have to catch the deaths before they happen.

Lizzy has a Death Specter about her secret crush Drake Westphall. While trying to find out a lot about him, Drake finds Lizzy's secret journal about him and reads it. He then gets really freaked out and stops talking to Lizzy.

Meanwhile, Vivienne Le Mort , a friend to the evil side of magic i trying to kill her because she is the last Death Catcher.

Lizzy saves Drake and they both fall in love. After that Lizzy lives happily ever after.

Why Did I Choose To Read This Book?

I chose to read this book because I love reading fun fiction books that talk about magic and sorcery. I find them really fun because I get to learn about all of the cool fiction places, characters, and spells the author came up with. It really lets the author's creativity shine.


  • Who is your favorite character?

- My favorite character is Bizzy. She is really smart, funny, and sassy all at the same time that makes her a really lovable character.

  • Whats your favorite part in the story?

- My favorite part in the story is when Lizzy and Drake kiss. Because it throws a little romance in the plot.

  • Has this book won any awards?

- Yes, it is a Mark Twain Award book.

  • Do you think this author did a good job writing this book?

- Yes, I think this author did an amazing job at writing this book. It has fantasy, humor, magic, and even a little romance in it including a great plot with a lot of twist that leaves n the edge of your seat reading more and more.


Crabapple is where Lizzy lives it is in California, CA.
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I would describe this character as funny. Because she always embarrasses Lizzy by always talking about books and reading. Plus her hilarious librarian outfits.
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I really like the character Jodi because she is so unique and corky. She is Lizzy's best friend and she always has Lizzy's back. She always wears crazy out fits with her red Converse.
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