Contemporary America

By: David Caceres

Apollo 15 - 1971

Fun Fact: An oxygen leak was detected and later figured out that the cause was that someone had left the valve open on the toilet

In 1971 Apollo 15 landed on the moon. This was only the ninth manned mission by apollo. This was a big deal because it was the first time ever that a lunar rover had been used. It was one of the first moon landings that was planned to have a prolonged stay. Because of the Lunar Rover this enabled the astronauts to be able to travel faster and longer distances within a certain amount of timeThis was important because it opened up a bunch of other possibilities for NASA and astronauts.

US bombing North Vietnam - 1972

Fun Fact: There was only one plane that was big enough for the job, B-52s.

After a peace treaty between North Vietnam and the U.S. didn't work out the US instead decided to bomb them and break the stalemate that was occurring. The bombing was known as Operation Linebacker II .The reason that this was a big deal was because the US bombed North Vietnam for multiple days and one of those days was Christmas.

Apple - 1976

Fun Fact: Apple has more cash on hand than the U.S. Treasury

On April 1 1976 technology would never be the same, this is because Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne created Apple. Apple was created to develop and sell personal computers. It later changed its mission to sell consumer electronics, not restricting itself to computers. It has since became the worlds largest information technology company. This is a very important thing in history because it was one of the first big steps in getting us to where we are today technologically.

Death Penalty - 1976

Fun Fact: Nike's slogan was inspired by the last words of a man when he said "Just Do It"

In 1976 the supreme court agreed to keep the death penalty. I thought this was important because without this happening we wouldn't have the death penalty today. And because we have it, it is now a crucial part in out judicial system.

Sandra Day O'Connor - 1981

Fun Fact: She completed Law school in two years, it usually takes people anyone from four to seven years. She was also third in her class.

In 1981 Sandra Day O'Connor was the first woman to be appointed to court. Ronald Reagan gave her this opportunity. This was also a very big deal because throughout his campaign he said multiple times that he would appoint the first women to the court. This was a huge step in equality for males and females.

Ronald Reagan Attempted Assassination - 1981

Fun Fact: Was obsessed with actress Jodie Foster after seeing the movie "Taxi Driver". He had stalked her for some time and was trying to impress her by shooting Ronald Reagan

On March 31, 1981 as Ronald Reagan was leaving the Washington Hilton Hotel someone opened fire on him. This man was John Hinckley Jr. Luckily Ronald Reagan only got shot once, puncturing his lung. Three others were injured in the shooting. Since it was only about a thirty foot walk to the car outside the hotel Secret service thought that a bulletproof vest wasn't needed. It happened only 69 days after he had became president.

Titanic - 1985

Fun Fact: There were 20,000 bottles of beer on board, 1,500 bottles of wine, and 8,000 cigars all for the use of first class passengers.

In 1985 the wreckage from the famous Titanic crash was found. This was a very big deal because the crash from the Titanic had killed over 1,500 people. Even though it was seventy years since the crash it was still very important because it brought closure to many. Scientist and navy personnel has been searching for the wreckage since the crash in 1912. Navy personnel were given twelve days of extra time for another mission to look for the wreckage in an area of the ocean five times bigger than new york.

Loma Pierta Earthquake - 1989

Fun Fact: one of the most powerful and destructive earthquakes on hit a populated city in the United States.

The Loma Prieta Earthquake was an earthquake that occurred during the game 3 of the world series in 1989 at 5:04 pm october 17. It had a magnitude of 6.9. It was the first earthquake to be televised. It injured over 3,500 people and sixty-five people died in the Earthquake.

Rodney King - 1992

Fun Fact: Went on a celebrity boxing TV show and fought a police officer in the ring, Rodney King won.

Rodney King was a taxi driver that got into a high speed car chase. Later video evidence of cops beating up were released. This caused riots to break out. This was a huge deal because it was one of the first very big black vs. white cop brutality cases. To this day you still cases like this happen.

O.J. Simpson - 1995

Fun Fact: Neighbors found the bloody dog of Nicole Simpson which led the neighbors to call the cops.

In 1994 Football star O.J. Simpson was arrested for being a suspect in the murder case of his wife ( and her friend. Because he played professional football this was a big case and many people were waiting to hear the verdict. In 1995 he was acquitted for all the charges against him. Late in 2007 he was then arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping. He was then sentenced to thirty three years in prison.

Bill Clinton - 1998

Fun Fact: After gaining weight after the scandal Monica Lewinsky became a spokesperson for Jenny Craig

In 1998 Bill Clinton was suspected that he was was having sexual relations with an intern. At first Bill Clinton denied having an affair on his wife. Later he admitted that he did have a sexual relations with intern, Monica Lewinsky. This affected the presidential election in 2000 causing the democrats to get less votes than previous years.

Columbine High School - 1999

Fun Fact: The two shooters had a plan to kill 67 people, none of which were killed.

In 1999 two armed students entered Columbine High School. Their main goal was to kill as many people as possible. To distract firefighters they claimed there was a bomb at another location so the firefighters. In the massacre twelve students and one teacher died, and twenty other people were injured. This was such a big deal because it was one of the first big school shootings. It led to an increase in gun control.

9/11 - 2001

Fun Fact: 18 people were rescued from the rubble of the World Trade Center buildings.

On September 11 2001 Al Qaeda planned four attacks on the United States of America. Four planes were hijacked two of the four planes heading toward New York City, the others heading toward Washington D.C, and Virginia. The two planes that were headed toward New York City crashed into the world trade center buildings, killing many. One of the other planes crashed into the pentagon only badly damaging one side. The fourth plane was headed toward the Capitol in Washington D.C but crashed in a field in Virginia. In total nearly 3,000 people were killed.

Facebook - 2004

Fun Fact: There are 1.65 billion monthly people that use Facebook, Mr. Hall is one of those people.

In 2004 in a dorm room at harvard Facebook was created. It was initially meant to be an app similar to hot or not, having people select who they would consider hot. At first it was created for Harvard students only, it then became available to other colleges, then to other high schools, and finally to anyone above the age of thirteen. As the social media website became meant for broader ages it changed its point of being to connecting people rather than deciding who was hot. It was one of the first big social media website.

Hurricane Katrina - 2005

Fun Fact: 705 people are still missing from the floods in 2005.

Even though New Orleans residents thought they were prepared for the hurricane, no one was predicting it would be as big as it was. The waves in the hurricane were seven feet tall. Over 10 billion gallons of water flooded over 100,000 homes. Hurricane Katrina cause at least $125 billion and would cost at least $60 billion for insurance companies.

Barack Obama - 2008

Fun Fact: He collects spider man and Conan the barbarian comics.

In 2008 we got the first African American president, Barack Obama. Previous to becoming a president Barack Obama was involved in politics he was a community organizer, a teacher, and civil rights lawyer. He was an U.S. senator for the state of illinois. In the 2008 election Barack Obama won 53% of the votes while Republican John Mccain only won 45.7% of the votes.