CNP News

Week of April 29th, 2019

The Power of One Caring Adult

I love the fact that you guys know me so well. Brenda sent me this video and I can't say yes enough to this. We need to change our thinking from kids being one bad decision from being a statistic to kids being one caring adult away from being a success! I've also included an article about one teacher who helped make a student go from statistic to success! I hope you enjoy both of them.

Upcoming Morning Meeting

Wednesday @7:50 in Robotics Room: Please be prepared to discuss they Buddy Berry video, as well as next steps for report cards.

Field Day

Just to get this on your calendars field day will be May 21st with a rain date of May 22nd.

Observation Post-Conferences

I'm working my way through scoring observations. I'll be contacting you soon to schedule your post-conference please bear with me. Fun Fact did you know saying bare with me means to reveal or to uncover.......Another fun fact it took me in all my ADHD glory 5 minutes to distinguish the difference between bare and bear.......I know, my mind is not a place you want to be :)