iMovie Trailers

Professional Looking Movies that Any Can EASILY Make


You will need the APP iMovie on your iPad. If you have gone to the Movie Theater, or rented a DVD, you will have seen movie previews. These previews are also called trailers. iMovie Trailers are short, usually under a minute, videos to create interest in any topic imaginable. The iMovie APP makes this look professional with a bunch of custom-made scenes and credits already done for you. They have a built in interactive storyboard. You basically choose your template, fill in the storyboard with reading content, pictures and or very short 1-3 second video clips and press play. The resulting trailer is an impressive piece of work.

Please watch the "How To" video below to learn the process. You can stop and restart the video at any time. If you are at school and the video is blocked, please click here to fill out the filtering form to access it.

How to create trailers with iMovie on the iPad