Campbell Soup

Makes quality soups,meals and beverages.

Sustainability Goals- to reduce GHG, reduce water usage ,and to reduce the amount of electricity that they use.


A- Over the years Campbell soup has worked on reducing greenhouse gases, pesticide, and water usage.

B-They have changed over to drip irrigation, to help reduce water used, when grow crops ,and have looked into creating a more disease resistant tomato, to reduce the need for pesticides.

Environmental Concerns:

  • Helping the climate change, by reducing the amount of GHG emissions.
  • Creating a strong health and safety program.
  • Encouraging more suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of their operations.

Interesting FACTS!!!!!

  • The company's colors (red ,and white) were adopted from the Cornell university football team.
  • 2006 annual sales were 243 million dollars.
  • Campbell sells more than 100 million cans of pork and beans a year.
Campbells Soup commercial