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A Message from Pastor DeArmond

On October 31, 1517, in Wittenberg, Germany, Luther posted his thoughts about God and the Church. His teachings gained purchase with many. The result was the 150-year movement in Europe that became known as the Reformation and that continues to have an impact today. Luther was not alone in his struggles and desires.

The Reformation reminds us that our fears and needs have not changed. With all our progress and knowledge, we are still concerned about questions of death and our place in the universe. The answers Luther found in the Reformation address our concerns today. How does God feel about us? What do we do in the face of an overwhelming reality like death?

Luther read the Bible and discovered that God has made Himself known to us as a God of love. Luther’s fundamental discovery was in how he read the Bible. Luther’s heart skipped for joy when he understood God’s character. God shows mercy to the guilty and love to the unlovable. Luther saw himself as the recipient of God’s undeserved kindness, not the target of His deserved anger. Luther discovered that God is love. God sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross as a sacrifice for sinful mankind. Jesus wasn’t guilty of any sin. His death paid the price for sin. God’s wrath over sin and all who do wrong was poured out on Jesus.

The Reformation is summed up in a brief statement by Luther: I must listen to the Gospel. It tells me, not what I must do, but what Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has done for me.” Because of Jesus, God turns toward humanity in love. God forgives all those who have faith in Jesus. After His death on the cross, Jesus rose from the dead. He conquered death for all those who believe in Him.

In the Reformation, Luther taught that humans don’t earn God’s love by trying to please Him. God’s love is a free gift because of Jesus. This is the good news of the Gospel. Faith in Jesus as God’s Son and our Savior gives forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Humanity’s situation hasn’t changed. Luther needed answers. He found them in God’s love. Luther taught everyone that God sent Jesus to forgive sins and to give eternal life. Where are you looking for answers?

This is not an attempt to convince you with human reason or logic or a suggestion to reject all you know, but rather t is an invitation to embrace God’s love for you through Jesus Christ, our Lord!

In Christ,

Pastor DeArmond

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Preschool News

"Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning."

Psalm 30:5

Paul has quite the experiences to share with us and his account in Acts 27 is no different. Paul had been arrested for preaching and teaching the Gospel and he was being taken across the Mediterranean in a ship to stand trial in Rome. The journey by sea was very difficult and Paul tried to tell the sailors that it was not safe to continue, but rather than listen to Paul, the sailors kept on. A storm hit and for three days things continued to get worse and worse. The other prisoners and sailors began to fear for their lives, but Paul shared an important message with them. He told them an angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him not to be afraid, that everything would work out. Paul told them to take courage because he trusted God and he knew that God would do what He said He would do. It was difficult for the sailors to trust a prisoner, but what other choice did they have?

After being tossed about for 14 days they were finally shipwrecked. The sailors were considering killing the prisoners so they couldn’t escape but Paul told them if they did that, they wouldn’t survive either. Paul knew that GRACE was over his life and theirs. God told Paul that all was going to be okay. God was with Paul and even though these circumstances were terrible and very difficult, Paul hung on to the promise God gave – GRACE. So, the chief officer of the boat started to tell everyone to swim or float to safety.

We too have storms like Paul. We too feel shipwrecked, at our absolute worst, that nothing else could possibly go wrong, right? There are times when we feel the pressure is just too much and we are going to drown – but we are still here aren’t we? Maybe you didn’t have the strength to swim to shore, but you were able to grab a lifeline and float to safety. You were able to take one of the broken pieces of the shipwreck and make it! The thing that you felt would end you has made you the person you are today, and you are standing because of it! We hear in Psalm 30:5, weeping may last for the night, but JOY comes in the morning! Shipwrecks and storms in life can be terrifying, but you made it! You survived it all because of the promise that you have over your life! YOU are a child of God, He loves you so much, He protects you, He cares for you, He forgives you, He grants you eternal life! Maybe you have been through storms or are going through one right now or will face storms in the future, do so knowing that YOU will make it! Because of the One that watches over you – you will make it!

In His Service,

Jennifer Leinss

Children's Ministry

Men's Bible Study

Men's Bible Study has started their Fall study "MISSION POSSIBLE", based on the book of the same title by Tim Tebow; Author, NFL Quarterback, Heisman Trophy recipient, and played for the National Champion Florida Gators. You need NOT have the book. (But I would be willing to lend you mine to read should you choose.) the Study Guide has 10 lessons which challenges us as believers to find our "mission" as to ways to be "God's workmanship" and do the things he loves for us to do as His children. We have just started so we are not to far along. Plenty of good seats as well as donuts and coffee available so make plans to join us! We meet the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from 830am -10am. On those months where there are 5 Saturdays we meet at Panera on Moreland and Beloit in the same time slot for fellowship and brainstorming for other churchwide fellowship opportunities!

Veterans Day Dinner

While still a month plus away; mark your calendars for SATURDAY NOVEMBER 4TH. Men's Bible Study will be hosting our second annual " TO WHOM HONOR IS DUE" Veterans' Recognition Dinner. This event is FREE to all Vets; if you know a vet they need NOT be a member to attend. If you want to attend as a guest of a vet or would like to attend as a show of support to our Vets or simply want to be part an enjoyable evening there is a nominal cost of $10 for the meal. Every year we hope to make this a more enjoyable experience; so we will have tables available in Oswald Hall to display memorabilia should you choose to share. Our speaker this year will be Carol Flannery from Lutheran Counseling and Family Services(LCFS). The topic will be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); what it is and its affects, recognizing those suffering from PTSD and how can we minister to those struggling with PTSD. There will be a Free Will offering for the ministry of LCFS should you choose. We would also in an effort to defray the costs of the evening, offer the opportunity for you to "sponsor" a table in honor of a family member who served or in appreciation of all who have served. Please stay tuned for details in the weeks that follow as well as a sign up sheet where you can plug in to help. " ---- Men's Bible Study

Quarterly Missions

As we enter the fourth quarter of our year, our Special Mission Offerings will support Bethany Lutheran Church and Food Pantry. Bethany Lutheran is located at 2031 N. 38th St. in Milwaukee. Bethany has been serving God's people since 1893! Their mission is to be a beacon of light reaching out into the neighborhood with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Some of their mission work includes distributing clothing and blankets to the homeless, making and serving food to the hungry and maintaining a food pantry. Food collected by Blessed Savior already is delivered several times a year to Bethany to help maintain the food pantry. Besides continuing to collect food, our fourth quarter Special Mission Offerings will also go to Bethany for help with these mission projects! To God be the glory!

Save the Date!

LWML is holding these events and we would love to see you there!

October 21st at 9am Divine Shepherd will be hosting the LWML Fall Rally. See the LWML bulletin board for more information.

LWML will be hosting a bake sale at our Blessed Savior Fall Harvest Fest on Oct. 21st. We are looking for donations of yummy bakery items. All proceeds will go to our grants for the year.

On Saturday Oct. 28th at 9am, Journeys Lutheran School in Hales Corners will be hosting a Meeting Special Needs of God's Children event. See the LWML bulletin board for more information.

Coupons Needed

We are looking for more coupons to send to an Air Force Base in England. These coupons are in newspaper inserts, magazines and other sources. The coupons help military families to stay within their tight budgets. Ask your family, friends and neighbors to save these coupons for you. Expired coupons can be used up to 6 months past the expiration date on our bases overseas. Place cut or uncut coupons in one of the two receptacles in the fellowship hall.

Canceled stamps are needed to send to the Lions Club of America, who In turn helps with services for veterans. Please leave about 1/4 inch around the stamp.

We continue to send your donations to the USO in Korea. In the Fellowship Hall is a green plastic container with suggested items that can be sent, and the items you donate can be placed in this container.

If you have a family member or friend who is actively serving in any of the military branches, overseas or stateside, we would love to keep in touch with them. We send spiritual items (Portal of Prayer, etc.), cards on birthdays and holidays or maybe just a note to let them know they are being thought of and prayed for. Please contact Jackie O'Neil or the church office to add someone to our list.

We thank all who have helped with these projects in the past, and even if you cannot help with the projects, your prayers for our military are also appreciated.

Thank you,

Bev Krause

Church Improvements

Fellow Parishioners,

The new sump pump system for the church’s basement was successfully installed by Premistar on Tuesday, September 19. This included:

1. Two new sump pumps to pump water out faster and reduce the load on each motor.

2. A digital control panel which includes an alarm, water level reading, and run time.

3. 2 batteries with a charger for back-up power in case of a power outage.

4. All new PVC plumbing.

There is also a WIFI alarm option that came with the set up, but we were shorted the proper wiring. Premistar is currently working to get us the necessary items for that.

Also, Premistar’s plumber, Alec (pictured), was able to remove the plastic construction wrap that was caught 56 feet down inside the drain tile, causing water to fill inside the drain tile pipe and leak into the basement.

I would like to thank the congregation for their patience, understanding, prayers, and assistance while considering this project, which protects the well-being of our classroom teachers and students.

Matt Birr

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On Sunday, October 15th, we will be joined between services by Sergiu Trifa, the 21 year old son of Rev. Sorin Trifa who is the head pastor of the Lutheran Church in Romania. During the 9:15am Education Hour, he will share with us how they aided 15,000 Ukrainian refugees over the border into Romania in March of 2022. Sergiu is currently a student at Concordia Seminary in Ft. Wayne, IN. In addition to a free will offering, we will also be hosting a lunch of Ukrainian, Romanian, Bulgarian, and Greek foods at 11:30am in the Fellowship Hall. Tickets are $10 for adults, kids 12 and under eat for free. Please see Linda Phillips at the table in the Narthex to purchase tickets. All proceeds will go to providing monthly meals for Ukrainian families.

Raise Right

Raise Right (formerly known as SCRIP) gift cards are now available for purchase in person on Sunday mornings!

Raise Right cards are a fundraiser of the Board of Education where you purchase gift cards at face value, and we get a small percentage of the cost back as an organization. There is no additional cost to you, and the cards spend just like cash at the stores. The Board of Education then uses the profits to help provide additional tuition assistance to families who need it, and to purchase educational items that are outside of our budget.

If you are interested in purchasing gift cards, please stop by the table in the hallway between services. At this time, we accept cash and check (made out to Blessed Savior). If you would like a larger selection of available cards, or if you are unable to be here on Sunday mornings, please fill out the attached order form and mail it and your payment to the church office.

What is Stewardship?

Gather Together to Build Us Up

Matthew 9:37- "The Harvest is plentiful but the Laborers are few, therefore ask the Lord of the Harvest to send out Laborers into His Harvest Field."

Sharing your unique gifts will help you and your church grow. When Christians worship and work together, they unite to share in the love, hope and strength that comes from serving God. In Matthew 5 Jesus said "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." Show your light as we as a congregation get ready to take "The Challenge" next month. Being active in your church helps you grow as a person. God's Stewards live intentionally in the light of God's eternal purpose.

Please join us at the next Stewardship board meeting on October 5th at 6:30pm.

****If your net in not in the water you won't be catching any fish****

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