French Revolution

Who Revoluted?

The French revolted in 1789

Why did they revolt?

The french revolted because the lower class wanted to get rid of feudalism so they could acquire the full rights of land owners

how did they organize themselves?

how did the people overthrow the goverment

The french overthrew their goverment by disobedience at first and refusal to comply to the kings taxes and commands. Things quickly escalated over time and the French attacked the military in Bastille France.
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How did the government react

The government reacted violently to the rebellion, going to war with the french.
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how was government diffrent after the revolution

Following the war the French changed their government switching from an absolute monarchy to a democracy/monarchy to take power from the king and avoid ever being in that position again.
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where did it happen

In paris

what are the names of the people involved?

napoleon bonoparte,jacques pierre,charles de calonne,lazare carnot,marques de laffet,louis xvi

why did it happen?

The French kept raising taxes

what was france like before the revolution and how did it change

before the revolution the french had higher taxes and were more restricted in their rights. After the revolution they changed from a monarchy to take away power from the king and reduced taxes.