Mrs. Moore's Peek at the Week


Important Information

  • Unit 2 Math test on Thursday (review day on Wednesday)
  • Field Trip on Friday

Important Dates

Field Trip - Denver Walking Tour

Friday, October 21st

FALL BREAK - October 24th - October 28th

Story Book Character Day - Monday, October 31st

As part of our drive to maintain, promote and engage student interest in reading and celebrate literacy and literature, our school is having a Storybook Character Day. On that day, each student is welcome to come to school dressed up as a character from a favorite book. The character must be from a book they have read recently, and your child should be prepared to describe both the character and the book. Your student MUST BRING THE BOOK on the day of the celebration. Costumes cannot include masks, weapons, or inappropriate language or content.

What We've Been Up To...


We are finishing up our introduction to multiplication and will take our test on Thursday. Students have learned different strategies for solving multiplication problems, instead of just rote memorization of facts. We will have a review day on Wednesday before the test.


Students have been working hard on reading and comprehending nonfiction texts. We have learned how to compare and contrast different texts, and this week we began our novel studies, where students read fiction books in a group with the teacher and have discussions around the book and answer questions.


We have been working on some fun, creative writing projects. Students wrote a fall poem. We have also been working on descriptive writing and learning how to use an online thesaurus to help us with word choice in our writing.

Social Studies/Science

We finished the Northeast Region of the United States and we began our first science unit - Rocks and Minerals. This week we did an investigation on soil, and learned about how big rocks break down into smaller rocks. Here are some of our new vocabulary words from this week:

  • humus
  • physical weathering
  • chemical weathering
  • abrasion
  • erosion
  • deposition

Growth Mindset

Ask your child how our brains are like muscles.

Quote of the Week

"All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."

Walt Disney